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Inclination and Acceleration Sensors as The Best Solution to monitor the inclination or acceleration of the engine system architecture or components

Inclination and acceleration sensors are the best solution if you want to monitor the inclination or acceleration of the engine system architecture or components. There are angle values of components offer the right solution for your needs as explanation below:

Inclination and Acceleration Sensors
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Inclination Sensors provide feedback on the angle of motion control or position tends detect critical limit

Inclination sensors take non-contact measurement of the angle of the object with respect to gravity. The use of capacitive MEMS technology in inclination sensors both is very accurate and highly reliable. This sensors provide feedback on the angle of motion control or position tends detect critical limit.

Applications Inclination and acceleration sensors include monitoring trends in real time in the decline of the car body coating system, or monitor the tilt angle on mobile devices. The products you can choose are:

1. INX360D-F99-I2E2-5M Inclination sensors
This Inclination sensor is E1 approval type which is measuring range 0 - 360 degrees. The limits of the evaluation can be taught in, programmed two outputs switch, high shock resistance, and increased noise immunity 100 V / m, connection type: 17:00, cable PUR 5 × 0.5 MM2

2. INX360D-F99-I2E2-V15 Inclination sensors
The limits of the Inclination sensors evaluation can be taught in, programmed two outputs switch. The high shock resistance increase noise immunity 100 V / m, connection type: 5-pin, M12 × 1 connector

Acceleration Sensor enable to measure of how quickly change the speed

Acceleration sensor is the amount of the existence of both the direction and magnitude defined as the rate at which the speed of the object changed for the time of tankers. It is a measure of how quickly change the speed. Object accelerates when changing speed. In order to measure the acceleration, acceleration sensor called accelerometer is used.

The acceleration is in g measures. G is the gravitational acceleration measurement equal to 9.81 m / s ². However, based on the rise, this can be measured be 10 m / s ² in some places.

Acceleration sensor is accurate and programmable easily be used in power plants from the wind to monitor engine vibration. These observations also allow the system to predict the likelihood of engine wear or structural pregnancy unsafe conditions component.

The product of acceleration sensor you can choose is F99 acceleration sensor series. This is complex machine systems that use acceleration sensors to monitor real-time the exact vibration device. Acceleration sensor detects engine wear and any countries that operate critical element. This will allows for corrective action to avoid the potential for large-scale systems such as wind turbines damages.

F99 series acceleration sensor monitors uses strong vibrations or acceleration in wind turbines because of the wind load on the equipment. Accommodation sensor strong protected environments, the use of non-contact measurement of reactions can be relied upon in principle to help avoid critical situations it provides.

The features of this Acceleration sensor product are : Two orthogonal axes independent detection unit, Non-contact measurement of acceleration in the range of -2+2 g, extended temperature ranges from -40 ° C to +85 ° C, strong housing suitable for outdoor use and E1 type approval for use on public roads.


Inclination sensors uses tendency for various applications, such as the tendency for cranes and platforms, farm machinery and maritime transport, settlement platform, and many others. The acceleration sensors are used for various applications, such as: effective vibration damping and vibration measurement, and transportation monitoring and many others. Both of them are usefull to support your automation control set up.


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