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Gain Best Manufacturing Process with SETRA Power Monitoring Products, SETRA Curent Sensor and Transducer, Information and Specification

Current sensors and power monitoring manufacturing has been developed since decades ago it was the consequences of the modern living also the modern life style. Due to the fact, to gain best process in a whole chain mechanism, people which involved with kind of industrial fields has been go in pursue of better device or tools as well as the other things which can help and bring better performance.

In a whole of manufacturing and industries, the idea of power monitoring and current sensor controlling has become a key point to reach a successfully aspect.

There are many developer or manufacture has offered many device and ideas to reach best process in industrial power monitoring. It was doing with the current sensor which was reknown as the current sensor and transducer. But the main question was, what kind of manufacture which produce great model of Power Monitoring device?

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SETRA Power Monitoring has remarkably and reknown as world class Current Sensor and Transducer for industrial and commercial used. There are many model, such as; CTC Model, CCM, CSC, CSS, and the SSC. Here in this article we would go further more for every model information.

SETRA Power Monitoring, Many Model For Accuracy in Operating

Setra has been created many model of Power Monitoring in Current Sensor and Transducer. Every product which offered publicly has been tested by the expert in power monitoring product. And here the specification of each product which can choose by the user depend on the operational needed.

1. CTC Model, Accurate With Signal Conditioning

This split core current transducer has completed with following specification such as, 24VDC self or loop powered, power relay snap on model, selectable amperage ranges or slide switch. All for solution for low cost and simple installation.

2. CCM Model, Smallest Split Industrial Current Switch

This model has been created for whom who looking a save space with small design current sensor. Even small, it was completed with high range of specification such as ; 0.15 Amps Fixed sex point, the small footprint with split core or clamp design, DINRail Capability integrated with mounting flange, accurate for fixed set point, all to bring simple and save valuable space in electrical panel.

3. CSC Model, The Industrial Standard for 200 or 135 Amp Output

Offered as the best solution to decreased the motor belt loss or slipage, this model has been designed with several specification such as; switch and relay LED specification, current setting for under or over, snap on power relay model, self powered and no switching or guessing switchover current, otherwise it was the model with simple installation ways.

4. CSS Model, The Solid Core

This SETRA current sensor has been create and developed as the solid core model. With the following specification such as; switch and relay LED indication, design as solid core model, it was the greatest idea for saving opportunity.

5. SSC Model, Greatest Idea to Detect Motor Failure Or Belt Loss

This model has three idea of operating function; decreasing the inventory, saving time and money during installation, also to avoid the arc flash. All wraps by the 9 pre-configured and four available models.

SETRA was producing many models of weight sensing device, acceleration and pressure for industrial and manufacture. The chain of SETRA product has belonging for the innovation and simple installation, all to bring the user beneficial act.


SETRA power monitoring, which specialties in Current sensor, has created by SETRA expert in weight sensing device, pressure and acceleration. Every product already completed with the idea of simple installation aspect and save space as well as the money during the operational process.


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