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Pepperl+Fuchs Rotary Encoders Review, Smart System and up-to-date technology make them very adaptable and cheaper to run

In the world of automation, rotary encoders used as sensors for various applications like measuring acceleration, speed, knowing position and angle. Rotary Encoders also measure linear motion by incorporating other devices like measuring wheels, cable pulls, spindles or gear racks. Pepperl+Fuchs Rotary Encoders is one of leading company provides broad range solutions to bring your automation to be more effective and manageable. Whatever portion you require, Pepperl+Fuchs provide you a wide range of devices utilizable for various applications like in packaging industry, mechanical engineering, material handling and conveyor.

The basic thing you should know about rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs is it could be processed by tachometers, PLC, industrial PCs, or counter. The convert a mechanical input into electrical signals through preferred devices you select.

Depending on your need of applications, there are sort of product you can select:

Rotary Encoders
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Absolute Rotary Encoders provide a unique coded numerical value for each shaft position

Under this Rotary Encoders category you can opt for single-turn or multi-turn absolute rotary encoders. On the field, the rotary encoders do not need controller of computation tasks then lead to reduce the need of additional input components. They provide a unique coded numerical value for each shaft position. Moreover, the encoders are available immediately without need to run the reference when the machine is powered on or after power failures. The good news, you don’t require frequently to setup the serial data transmission point-to-point (via serial absolute encoders) as the fieldbus systems are being used. The parallel absolute encoders can be applied to transmit the output data via standardized protocols and interfaces.

The rotary encoders offered are comprise the most up-to-date range of interfaces for absolute encoders including SSI-Interface, AS-Interface, CAN, Ethernet, Parallel Interface, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and DeviceNet.

You can visit the Pepperl+Fuchs Rotary Encoders official website for the detailed product information.

Incremental Rotary Encoders available in different housing sizes and types

You can narrow down your options through Pepperl+Fuchs incremental rotary encoders. There are up to 70 products you can select and suit your applications need. They are available in different housing sizes and types, shaft types and output types. The rotary encoders under this category also classified into several type of applications including for hazardous areas, heavy-duty encoders, for safety applications, offshore applications, food applications and many more.

Each of incremental rotary encoders supplies a certain number of pulses of each shaft revolution. The can measure speed, distance, as well as distance. To measure speed, the device will count the pulse for a period of time. To calculate distance, or angle, the device will count the starting point from a reference point.

Among the Two Different Rotary Encoders Ignition Protection Types

All the products and devices from Pepperl+Fuchs are classified into two major categories: the rotary encoders with “flame proof enclosure” (EEx d) and the type with “intrinsic safety” (EEx i). Depending on your requirements, the EEx d types are rotary encoders for hazardous areas involving flames and the EEx I for hazardous areas intrinsically safe.


Summing up about Pepperl+Fuchs rotary encoders, they are the most innovative encoder system that been applied by various industries. The smart system and up-to-date technology make them very adaptable and cheaper to run. Users can process the processing data through various devices available in the market today such as industrial PCs or PLC.


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