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Product and Fetaures of Flow Sensors and Flow Controls KOBOLD to measure and control the flow and pressure devices, level and temperature

KOBOLD offers a full range of industrial sensors, switches, and transmitters to measure and control the flow and pressure devices, level and temperature. KOBOLD counter applications of liquid and gas is including the flow of waste to the paddle wheel measures, vortex flow meters, variable area flow meters, turbine flow gauges, flow meters goal, magnetic flow meters, oval gear meters and much more. KOBOLD offers a wide range of flow and transmission flow.

Flow Sensors and Flow Controls
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KOBOLD Flow Sensors and Flow Controls Products

If you see something Flow Sensors and Flow Controls here that is almost but not quite what you need, you can contact KOBOLD. With engineering capabilities in-house manufacturing, they can adjust the flow meters and flow switches and flow transmitters to suit the application criteria set your own.

There are many products Flow Sensors and Flow Controls KOBOLD you can choose, those are:

1. Low Volume Flow meter sensor and Switches, the product includes:

a. BGK - All-Metal, Low-Volume Variable Area Flow Sensors and Flow Controls KOBOLD Flowmeter

This is designed low volume variable area flow measurement of liquids and gases flow Florida appropriate scale. This gives an indication of the flow rate fell current size or mass per unit time.

b. KDG / KDF - Micro Flow meter and Flow Sensors Switch

KOBOLD KDG / Kuwait Fund for a series of flow gauges micro switch operates on the principle of a floating variable region. This is designed very low gas and liquid flow measurement. Stream can be set appropriately within the range of measurements using measurement valve inseparable accuracy.

Each variable region domain of flow meter can be optionally equipped with 1 or 2 adjustable inductive proximity switches. This can be configured to determine the specific flow conditions. Two types of flow switches are available:

1) Monostable: switch short to enable as much as stainless steel float through the high or low tide or

2) Bistable: Switch to enable an increase in floating stainless steel, and remains active until the float last fall flow switch in decline.

2. Flow Measurement without moving parts, the product includes:

a. DMH - magnetic inductive flow meter

This is used to measure and monitor the volumetric flow rate of pulps, liquids, pastes and conductive material. KOBOLD DMH comes with no moving parts and virtually no pressure loss in the system. This series is available with a rubber-coated flow tube with measurements from the poles of hard and soft grounding and stainless steel as standard. This flow is suitable for various types of chemical solutions and aggressive media.

b. DOG - Volatility gas flow meter

This is used to measure gas flow. Gas is flowing media through a hole in the tube. Bypass bore located on the side. Dynamic pressure in the hole that led to a small fraction of the volumetric flow of gas to be divided into channels cut. Continuous split ratio is still over the entire measurement. Channels cut oscillator is biased at the same cell measurement. When the gas flow through the measuring cell, vibrating gas column in the channel U-shaped will support the left and right. It is created alternating electrical signal and display and / or transmitted through the electronic units.


Flow Sensors and Flow Controls KOBOLD used to control and detect the flow and pressure devices, level and temperature. It includes some of fluid media process may be, such as oil or acid, water, nitrogen or helium. KOBOLD engineers routinely help the customers to choose the right solution for their application.


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