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Monnit Wireless Pressure Meters; Overview, Specification and Benefits

Wireless pressure meters is what the industries want today, namely to make something bigger and better than before. It was at the real value, in case to increasing productivity also grant the highest standard in quality control. So by that reason there are many device also component which need to support the whole industrial processing system.

In case of wireless pressure meters production process, there would be lot of engine also mechanism element which joining and operating at the same time. It was a hard process, so would need many standard in measuring solution. And one of it wast the pressure meters.

wireless pressure meters
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It was small wireless pressure meters measuring device which is hold an important function for the whole process. Thant due to the fact, industries has always go in pursue to found best model, of pressure meters device.

One of the great, also commonly used by the industries was the Monnit wireless pressure meters product. It called the Monnit Wireless Pressure Meters, which can measure through the wireless system. so it can be the greatest idea in measuring the pressure and gauge with easy and reliable process.

Monnit MNS-9-IN-PS-050 and MNS-9-W2-PS-050. Solution For Wireless Pressure Meters, An Overwie and Benefits

Due to the fact of wireless pressure meters product. Monnit has developed the product, which called the MNS-9-IN-PS-050, also the MNS-9-W2-PS-050. Each of that Monnit wireless pressure meters has been design with great specification to give the users lots of benefits in operational process. And here are the specification of each device.

1. MNS-9-IN-PS-050, The Industrial wireless pressure meters Format

This wireless pressure meters from Monnit, has come as the industrial format. It can operate at 900 Mhz frequency, measuring up to 50 PISG, also included with Di-Pole SMA Standard antenna. With this standard requirement aspect, this industrial wireless pressure meter can measuring 5 volt pressure transducer or transmitter.

To completed that specification aspect the MNS-9-IN-PS-050, also come in NEMA 4X, IP65, CE Rated, weatherproof and sealed enclosure. So it can be so fit to operating in, or works with Liquid, Gas, and Vapor. With the replacable 3,6V industrial grade battery this model can operate with need no external power back up requires.

2. MNS-9-W2-PS-050, The Commercial wireless pressure meters Suitable Works In Model

As the other device sequel in wireless pressure meters device. Monnit also brought the MNS-9-W2-PS-050. It was the AA replaceable 1,5 volt batteries, it was still the robbust and tough model to operating with same standards just like the MNS-9-IN-PS-050 model.

Both of the wireless pressure meter device which developed by Monnit. Has come as the wireless pressure meters device that can operate to pursue and ensure the users beneficial act while operating in any requiring surface and condition.


There are many wireless pressure meters manufactures that create and developed the pressure meter device. Every of the manufacture has shown their abilities to bring best of model which can choose and used by the industries. But Monnit has adding the value in pressure and gauge measurement ideas. It was the revolution to create the wireless pressure meters which can operate to send data and processed directly through iMonnit. Easy to operation with exact measure results.


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