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The SICK TriSpector1000 3D Vision Review to provide a long list of powerful products designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments

In nowadays, a quick and precise 3D vision inspection doesn’t require complex system, and everybody can seize a smart stand-alone sensor. The SICK TriSpector 1000 3D vision is an intuitive 3D inspection aimed for industrial that need to revamp their whole operation process into more budget friendly. The sensor can work individually from the beginning of the process. Fortunately, for the most scalable need of vision intelligence in all dimensions, SICK provide a long list of powerful products designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. You can find range of the products from the versatile high speed camera to the configurable stand-alone sensors that offer high integration system.

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The particular model The SICK TriSpector 1000 3D vision is one of the popular models of configurable stand-alone sensor for cost-efficient 3D inspections. It can capture and verify any kind of shape, color, and product orientation like content, emptiness, and completeness – in all dimensions. One of key success of the device concept is the intuitive user interface that ensures easy operation and commissioning. Moreover, it is highly portable enhanced with smart memory capable to save the settings when re-used or moved to other place.

Key Features of TriSpector1000 Intuitive 3D Inspection

The SICK TriSpector 1000 3D vision has been completed with key features to catch optimum performance result as below:

- Brilliant to detect moving parts with reliable 3D inspection capability even thought varies in color, position and height.

- Intuitive user interface

- Built-in with image analysis for fast configuration

- Has field of view and re-use saved setting for quick and less hassle replacement

- Fitted with high-res 3D images with intensity overlay that ensures 3D navigation that enhance data intensity allowing for checking presence of printed pattern, label or object rotation.

- Factory calibrated data in mm in all dimensions that simplify setup and reduce effort and time

- Applicable in harsh industrial environments

- Applicable in food processing environments

- Enclosure rating IP65 with rugged metal housing

The SICK TriSpector 1000 3D Vision Field Applications

TriSpector1000 general uses including in packaging industry for the box content verification, in battery manufacturer for inspection battery modules and for inline quality control on a sensor rake. The presence of 3D vision sensor is the key to maintain quality in every industry.

In the packaging industry, TriSpector1000 3D vision technology has been a key factor of successful for maintaining an excellent reputation. Vision technology used to verify the whole of packaging process to make sure that the product has a right package. The TriSpector1000 enhance the whole process with its reliable 3D inspection whether if color, shape, alignment, position or height varies.

In the battery industry, the TriSpector1000 provides the similar principle to verify the individual components in the battery. It checks the numbers, position and all presence of the individual elements in the module. The TriSpector1000 stand-alone capability makes it possible to work individually from the beginning of the inspection process.


SICK TriSpector1000 3D vision technology provides numbers of vision technology ranging from simple to the complete system of 3D inspection system for industrial purpose. The TriSpector1000 provides a cost-effective solution of 3D vision sensor. Its capability to identify and verify varying elements within an object, with flexibility and reliability of enclosure rating, makes it safe and superior to bridge many problems of the outdated conventional vision technology.


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