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TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors; Product Information and User Benefits

Beyond the TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors industries, there was a complicated chain and mechanical process. It was a big picture of pursue perfection in quality control also other standard in business process, which try to grant a single vision which called; the satisfaction aspect.

Soon or latter, in the big TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors area of industries, the whole process would change. From the smallest until the biggest range of mechanical or automation solution, included the sensing technology. That was a big intrigue, and one of it , was to found the best device which developed and created to supported, and at the same time realize that industrial vision.

Hot Cold Metal Sensors
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There are many manufacture, which developed. But that's also a challenging competition which lead by one of the big named in Sensing and Industrial Security Solution, TAKEX, the prestigious parts of the TAKENAGA Sensor Group which established in Japan.

TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors Product, The Right Choice in Sensing Tech Solution

As a leader in sensing and industrial security solution, TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors was developed and created many product. One of the most popular product which remarkable by the people in Industries was the Hot/Cold Metal Sensor. And here are couple of the product which can choose by anyone which needed.

• FD300A/FD600A Series Takex Hot/Cold Metal Sensors

This kind of the sensing technology which completed by the such as special features; the SAFETY feature which had the main function in self-check feature integrated, the 5 point level indicator, excellent aspect in disabilities, and also can be operated with, no cooling required, as long as the ambient detector temperature does not exceed 50° C and the optical head does not exceed around 200°C.

• TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors FD-A300P Series

Come as the flagship models, same as the other TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors, this model has completed with such as features such as; 8 most recent objects light intensity maximum received which can detect allow stored to viewing latter, light intensity numerical indication of received, for operation level monitoring conveniently, two different ranges for low and high temperatures can be chosen with one sensor for a wide range of temperatures. Those all features has come with the biggest vision of automatically auto sensing mode adjustment function.

• TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors FD-A310C Series

To completed Hot/Cold Metal sensors, TAKEX also produce the optical fiber hot metal detection photo sensor or the HMD. It was the best choice as the users which is looking for specific features such as; 200ÂșC degree without cooling withstand, compact model of light hoursing, that made this device become great choice for whom which looking in high performance hot/cold metal sensor which as the same time can be operating with low cost aspect.

The TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors was kind of special device for some of the industries. It was belonging as the big industrial safety process plan. Choosing the TAKEX product means also increasing the standard level of working security.


As one of sensing and security device and solution TAKEX Hot/Cold Metal Sensors, has producing and creating many products in the circle of it. One of the device which is looking by many industrial people which involved it sensing matters was the hot/cold metal sensors and here it we goes with the sample for that products.


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