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SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 Review

Offering solution for the most demanding applications, SICK innovates and develops a wide variety of sensor technology to meet industrial requirements for SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 products. PS30 is one of the manufacturer’s new benchmark in providing pattern sensors to rapid position identification device. It uses taught-in patterns in an image as the reference for reliable positioning objects and detection. Behind of the concept is the well-known proximity scanning optoelectronic sensor technology.

The SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 unique markless sensors output is the result of the stable switching signal generated at high speed. This technology generally implemented in applications in the packaging industry. Not only standout in technology, PS30 is also good in design, communication, and highly configurable based on user preference.

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Field of SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 Applications

In this sub section, we want to show you numbers of examples of SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 applications in various fields. In labeling industry the pattern sensors is necessary helping the labeling machine to increase its productivity and reduce misalign in slitting and cutting materials. The sensor will precisely give exact and reliable perimeters to the material edge or cutting objects.

SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 also used broadly in the packaging industry. The sensor will detect of printed packaging without print marks. This is important for shrink process and stamping edge determination. In wrapping machine, patter sensor will detect the quantity and positioning of packaging of the cutting edge for printed films.

Other field that requires pattern sensors including tube-filling machine functioned to determine the tubes positioning and general pattern detection in various industries for verifying and approving objects.

Number of Benefits of PS30 Pattern Sensor

One subtle benefit of SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 high technology will produce reliable detection even for complex images, then it will reduces system downtimes and rejects, which finally lead to reduce overall cost production. PS30 has a compact housing package, so it doesn’t complex installation areas. The ‘markless’ technology, has been admittedly easier and more efficient to use as no print marks are necessary.

SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 has a visible light spot and notches on the housing, so it provides a quick and easy sensor alignment. Users can save the existing format, so they can change formats faster and easier in no-hassle and no time.

SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 is highly configurable through short set-up from numerous ways including via SOPAS web controls, display or with more complex automation technology like PLC/HMI via Ethernet using the provided software tools.

When controlled via display users can read and control the devices through a clear text appearance. Through Ethernet interface, they can make smart integration into the machine controller.

SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 Technical Data Overview

This SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 has been completed with this product specification to handle all of its function in control automatic system as below:

- Long sensing distance of 20 mm
- Light spot size 65 mm x 3 mm
- Male connection type (rotatable)
- Scanning speed up to 10 m/s
- Reproducibility of up to 0.15
- Integrated visible object illumination
- Automatic configuration when changing objects


The SICK Pattern Sensor PS30 is the pattern sensor product-family offered by SICK applicable for various field applications in a wide variety of industry. Its rugged and compact design can be easily integrated into the simplest to the more complex industrial process system through Ethernet interface. Smart technology and rich features make PS30 is one of the best in the class.


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