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Product Sepcification of Use Ultrasonic Sensors as Solution for the most complex object detection tasks with millimetre precision

Ultrasonic sensors to be preferred option for the most complex object detection tasks with millimetre precision in industrial applications. This sensor perform the best result with good reliability and outstanding versatility. This ultrasonic sensor works based on measuring method that comply with almost all conditions of the industrial plant.

Ultrasonic sensor is suitable for extremely robust condition with complex technology inside

The Ultrasonic sensors works to measure object detection on the such a wide scale applications. This can be used in robust and toughest conditions with with complex technology inside. One thing you have to consider is to clean plant area because all surface cleans of this sensor is also clean through vibration and insensitive to dirt.

Ultrasonic Sensors
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Using ultrasonic sensor you will understand term of “last resort” as part of solution for particularly difficult applications. This sensor as long as now have been known perform good reliability and endurance in virtually for all condition.

The ultrasonic sensor has been widely applied on this industrial as below:

• Mechanical engineering/machine tool as object control detection sensor
• Food and beverage for automation process system
• Woodworking, furniture, building materials and Material handling
• Agriculture, Construction, Pulp and paper
• Level measurement as part of control automation system

Ultrasonic sensor product and Specification

There are several types product and specification for Ultrasonic sensor to meet user needs of better sensor dive as below:

Diffuse and Retroreflective Mode Ultrasonic Sensors supplied as retroreflective sensors with high measurement range

This Ultrasonic Diffuse and Retroreflective Mode Sensors are most commonly used in the diffuse mode with Upper Limit of Measurement Range < 250 mm ≥ 8000 mm. This sensor consists of single ultrasonic transducer that works as emitter and receiver. This sensor is typically contained in the same housing for the supporting electronics device.

Ultrasonic Thru-Beam Sensors suitable for large detection range application

Ultrasonic thru-beam sensors worked based on acoustic beam. This beam enable sensor to handle a wide range area. Not much different with diffuse and retroreflective type, the Ultrasonic thru-beam sensors supported by sensor switch on the transmission and reception types and working based on an echo signal come inside. However, Ultrasonic thru-beam sensors waiting for fast response in very high switching signal setting up.

Ultrasonic Double Sheet Sensors specifically for sheet feed applications

Ultrasonic Double Sheet Sensors is part of popular ultrasonic sensor for sheet feed applications. This is widely used in several industries consists of double sheet detection, label counting, and splice detection for multiple object detection. This detection systems rely on distinguish process between empty gaps, one, and two layers of material. User can used this sensor for paper, metals, wooden boards, and glass panes application process.

Ultrasonic Sensor Accessories offer enormous potential for cost savings

Ultrasonic Sensor Accessories is parts of supporting sensor process for cost savings. User can reduce time motion usage while installing the sensors. You can use this ultrasonics products in harsh ambient conditions to maximize life service of the ultrasonics accessories sensors.


Ultrasonic sensors is enable to protect and detect object that other sensors can not do it. The ultrasonics sensors can be converted rely on measuring method that comply with almost all conditions of the industrial plant as advanced benefits. In several industrial application, the ultrasonic sensors supplied as retroreflective sensors from the outset as Solution for the most complex object detection tasks with millimetre precision.


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