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Mettler Toledo ISM and ORP/pH Probe, Best Product For Any Measurement and Analyst; Product Information and The Advantages

Mettler Toledo ISM and ORP/pH Probe is one of what the industries need today. Sometimes we want to know the high and potential question which belonging which asking by many people about this product. The answer can’t go further than the highly and precision result in any measurement activities. But how the industries can grant that?

The realistic way to realize that was looking for any device, tools, goods or any supported things which can help the industries to grant the precision in any measurement and analyst act. It was one way gate, the next answer is, what manufacture or company which is produce the product to help and support the industries with that ideas?

ORP / pH Probe
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If we hear about the Mettler Toledo which produce ISM and ORP/pH Probe, it was the sound of the answer. This company has product any measurement solution which provide across the customer value chain. Here in this article, we would look inside the two of Mettler Toledo product’s which is used for pH Probe measuring also the ISM Technology supporting.

Mettler Toledo ISM and ORP/pH Probe, Information and Benefits for User Guides

There are many company and manufactures which is create and developed any supporting product in field of measurement key process. But why we need to looking more deeper about the ISM and ORP/pH Probe which developed by MT Company. Here are the information for each of the product.

1. Mettler Toledo ISM and ORP/pH Probe, The Full Advantage in ISM Technology

This ISM and ORP/pH Probe technology developed by the MT Measuring and analyst solution was called as the W100 cableless solution. It was operate at 2.4GHz transmission frequency which used for oxygen (amperometric), pH, and conductivity measurement parameter. This cableles measurement parameter was supported the ISM full functionality. Also to support the performance, this ISM cableless technology has completed with 5 VDC power supply transmitter module, LR20 (alkaline) as power supply sensor module battery type. This battery type can hold on around 4-6 months lifetime.

This cableless ISM and ORP/pH Probe technology has been supported Bidirectional communication with 150 m maximum range which is according to iEEE 802.15.4 transmission protocol, and 1s transmission interval. Other good performance aspect which can bring the user benefits was the 2 green LEDs operating elements transmitter module, with 1 key, 2 red/green LEDs operating elements transmitter modules.

The operating ambient of this cableless ISM technology was around –15°C to +50°C with the appropriate battery plug in. IP 65 enclosure rating, made this ISM can be operated in 5-95% in non-condensing rH humidity.

2. Mettler Todled ORP/pH Probe Measurement Solution

As the family of Mettler Todler Todled ORP/pH Probe Measurement solutions, this measuring element was created and developed as fully hygiene design probe, with ATEX and FM approved meters. It was designed to operate for ultrapure and so the pure water. In case of the design, it was come as non glass probes, with predictive diagnostic digital meters.

As one of world class measurement and diagnostic manufacture. Mettler todler ORP/pH Probe has been create every product they made to bring precision which give high results in all costumer chain value.


Mettler Todler ORP/pH Probe and ISM technology has been producing product to complete the answer of industrial challenge. It was asking not only demanding, but also precisely results in any diagnostic and measurement industrial field.


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