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Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) Sensor GAS Product Description to monitor the level of (CO) and carbon monoxide gas in the ambient air

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor was used to check Carbon Monoxide that part and parcel with Real Test CO detector uses an electrochemical sensor to measure the level of carbon monoxide and citizens on alert with the temperature 4 flashing alarm signals, but that's not all.

Carbon monoxide has been called (CO) on the "Silence" and "hidden killer" because it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless poison gas. This is the first cause of death in America poisoning. Every time you burn something like gasoline, natural gas, wood, oil, propane, coal or carbon monoxide emitted into the air. Outside the room, this is usually not a health hazard due to lack of enough land to expel particles and never reaches toxic levels. The danger comes when carbon monoxide is released in an area contained like home, RV, or your garage. Because of that, we have to detect it by Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor.

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) Sensor GAS
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Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) Sensor GAS Product Description

You will get some advantages of Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) Sensor GAS. Here are the descriptions of the product:

1. The carbon dioxide sensor based wireless MEMS allows you to monitor the level of (CO), carbon monoxide gas in the ambient air. Monnit CO sensor Wireless has small, low-footprint cost but also industry-leading performance specifications distinct.

2. The risk of poisoning Carbon monoxide is a growing concern in the care of the elderly and children and immune compromised individuals. Monitor sensor platform for wireless and Internet monitoring software provides highly affordable, feature-rich solutions and simple to prepare that will help meet the demand of the legislature and public concerns about the monitoring of gas emissions and leaks.

3. Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) Sensor GAS is powered by the standard version of the sensor by two 1.5 V AA size batteries replace (included with purchase).

4. The sensor is available with a choice of power lines as well. Version-powered line of this sensor has a power connector barrel allows the standard with support from 3.0 to 3.6 V power supply (included with the increasing power line option).

5. Line-powered versions also use two 1.5 V standard AA batteries as a backup to a continuous process in the event of power line outages. Electric option must be selected at time of purchase, and should change the internal organs of the sensor to support the power requirements are selected.

6. Detection of carbon monoxide, much like a smoke detector, but instead look for signs of fire, and they spotted the carbon monoxide levels. Depending on the brand, the detector works in one of three ways: via sensors molecular bio, metal oxide semiconductor, or electrochemical sensors.


The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) Sensor GAS is longer life in the industry, and only carbon dioxide in the market powered sensing cell batteries currency (the battery lasts more than one year in a heartbeat 1 hour). The user customization will allow you to set the pace of reading and the ability to specify custom via text or e-mail when you discover Sensors carbon dioxide levels beyond the user-defined safe level. You will need to install detection devices carbon monoxide and smoke detectors on each level of your home. For areas with more equipment, carbon monoxide production, such as your kitchen, garage, basement, you need to install some detectors.


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