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Product Specification of The Expert Digital Sensor iSense as intelligent oxygen sensors, CO2 sensors , ozone sensors management

iSense has been known as a program METTLER Toledo intelligent sensor management (ISM®) for oxygen sensors, CO2 sensors , ozone sensors. ISM is a digital platform for analytical sensors that improve the reliability of the process, simplify dealing with Senor, reducing maintenance. In essence, the ISM has a series of algorithms that continuously "health" monitoring of sensors and provide diagnostic tools that predict when maintenance required.

oxygen sensors, CO2 sensors , ozone sensors
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With iSense you can check the status of the sensor or calibration or maintenance behavior wherever it is convenient especially as detecting oxygen sensors, CO2 sensors , ozone sensors. Simply connect the ISM sensors for iSense or cell phone via Bluetooth or iLink cable. Now you can keep the sensor on a computer or mobile device. With iSense can email your phone diagnostic sensor information by pressing a button.

iSense Oxygen Sensors, CO2 Sensors, Ozone Sensors

The sensors for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food & beverage industries provide accurate, real-time information for oxygen sensors, CO2 sensors , ozone sensors process control

The dissolved ozone sensor comes with sensor technology and silicone membrane and that confirms water sanitation with detail products as below:

1. Oxygen Sensors to measure the proportionate amount of oxygen in the liquid or gas

This sensor is an electronic device used to measure the proportionate amount of oxygen in the liquid or gas. In order to make O2 sensors capable of mass production, it has been developed planar oxygen sensor. These are some product you can choose:

a. Oxygen Sensors for challenging applications
This is the kind of high performance dissolved oxygen sensors for challenging applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and also beverage industries. It offers the best performance result and low cost maintenance effort due to advanced technology implemented. The types are available for many health care industrial applications

b. Capacitive product for Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
This is used to be set as capacitive product for low operating process of DO levels, in power, microelectronics industries and brewing.

2. CO2 Sensors for in respiration of organisms ranging from peas on humans.

In high scale, you can explore the changes in the human respiratory device in CO2 levels through exercise. The product you can choose is Dissolved CO2 Sensors for food & beverage industry applications. It offers greater accuracy and low operating process to support measurement process.

3. Ozone sensors to monitor ozone at ground level ozone.

This sensor is designed to monitor ozone at ground level ozone. The use of ozone monitoring systems and sensors is in a variety of applications of ozone monitoring and control. The product you can choose is: a. Dissolved Ozone Sensors for monitoring for pure water applications. It offers simple maintenance with slip-on membrane.


iSense products is simple and intuitive as oxygen sensors, CO2 sensors , ozone sensor. Use of color-coded traffic lights, graphs and indicators of direction does not require knowledge of the explanation. Animation directed calibration procedures ensure that all maintenance performed reproducibly and without errors or missed steps. Each digital database and protocol iSense enables organizations to identify simple and easy to place and share all information that has been collected over a period of sensors.


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