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ABB Automation Builder 2.0 Software Review

There are many ways to increase the productivity on the process of machine or system building. Automation Builder and integrators can automate their builder and system using smart software form ABB. They can combine range of tools for programming, configuring, maintaining and debugging any of automation projects through an intuitive interface offered by the software building. The software is highly adaptable to any requirements in today’s vast developing technology.

What’s new in the ABB Automation Builder Software 2.0 are including refined system and more additional hardware-targeted functions. Check the complete features below.

Automation Builder
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ABB Automation Builder Software Version 2.0

The new version Automation Builder highlight more options and features for various target hardware including productive engineering, PLC engineering (AC5500 V2, AC500V3), integrated safety PLC engineering, stand-alone safety PLC engineering, SCADA engineering, control panel engineering, motion engineering, robotics engineering, and solution engineering. The software runs on Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit) and Windows 10 (32/64-bit). PC Hardware minimum requirement is 1 Ghz, 3 GB RAM, and 14 GB free disk.

All of the Automation Builder packages (free or paid) is now support PLC advanced features like PLC Multidownload tool for large installations, OPC server and clients, PLC gateway, service tool, visualization and IP configuration.

Check the main benefit of the ABB Automation Builder software as follows:

Automation Builder AC500 Engineering

This Automation Builder option gives builder and system integrators to do many things like programming, configuring, and make diagnostics to the ABB’s AC500 PLC platform. AC500 is the newest version of the previously known as Control Builder and comes with more additional functions like Project Compare, various libraries, Programming in C++, more flexible configuration on PLC program and complete interfaces for data exchange with other tools.

Automation Builder Control Panel Engineering

This Automation Builder option allows for creating user interface of your applications. Through the control panel, operators can easily develop stand-alone, touch-based user interfaces with the help of integrated Panel Builder 600 software. Through the control panel they can also operate the application through mobile devices, CP600-WEB and PC using web server located at AC500 or AC500-eCo PLC.

Automation Builder Motion Control

Various motion control solutions provided. Choose from AC5 PLC-based or MINT line based motion controllers.

Automation Builder Drives Application Programming

Let you program your application in IEC61131-3 and directly execute on your ACS880 industrial drive. This programmable drives provides the low cost method for decentralized application control. Using the standard IEC programming you can directly transfer the PLC to drive programming. Finally, you can scale up overall performance.

Automation Builder Robot Application Engineering

One the most updated option comes with ABB Automation Builder is the offline robot programming and simulation tool called by RobotStudio. It provides customers a simple yet fast interfacing of a PLC using a robot controller.


Finally, there are many things to seize from one super package offered by ABB Automation Builder. The version Automation Builder 2.0 carries many features benefits and oriented for more hardware target. If have already using the old version of the software, the time is to upgrade. Many options to choose starting from Basic to the Premium level, the basic one is free to download via ABB official site. You can also use the free 30 days trial license to unlock all premium and standard features. ABB provides them in free mode, so you can start downloading right now.


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