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The A-Series Servo Cylinder intended to provide safety guidelines for the entire device, or installed in multiples cylinder system

The A-Series Servo Cylinder intention of complications cylinder is a component of the bulk of the machine or an automated system. This section is intended to provide safety guidelines for the entire device, or installed in multiples cylinder system. This is the responsibility of the buyer or system designed to assess the risks and protection needs of the end application they are designing.

Whether purchaser or The A-Series Servo Cylinder system designer want to use the cylinder hole in safety critical applications, they must make appropriate safety tests. This is needed to ensure that the product meets the requirements and safety standards to be applied. If, at any time, buyers have questions or doubts about the information contained, contact the very movement to talk with the engineer.

Servo Cylinder
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The A-Series Servo Cylinder designed from the ground disc brakes up to be very strong and easy to use

The A-Series Servo Cylinder is similar to the rod, brushless DC electric motor with a built-in control and indication phase absolute position sensor. It provides up to peak power of 530 pounds and up to 7.75 "of travel. This is designed from the ground disc brakes up to be very strong and easy to use. After a simple configuration USB, power and signal are the only connections required to run the machine cylinder.

Servo Cylinder provides absolute digital reactions engine position throughout the stroke. This is also used for field-oriented control of brushless motors. In addition to the phase indicator, the sensor does not need to provide absolute position feedback on the motor shaft and the rotor BLDC. Needs to linear effort, limit, LVDT, sensors 6 Hall steps will eliminate or encryption keys by the analyst gradually. Simplify motor system in this way greatly improves reliability. It also increases the operating temperature range, and reduces overall costs.

The A-Series Servo Cylinder Features

There are some features of this product, those are no homing required, There is no limit switch, do not wear the effort, no sound sensors and there's no need for batteries to keep the absolute position.

The Ultra Motion Servo Cylinder is linear system hardware consists of a high-performance engine. It is along the lines of a powerful and configurable BLDC control rod movement, multi-sensor and the latest transfer reactions absolute (phase indicator). Each system components designed to work seamlessly together and provide identification device simple and highly reliable linear positioning.

In short, this is allowing users to power and input commands (either position or force), and complications cylinder holds the rest. Built in a specific engine control can be set to work with a lot of common commands inputs. This includes firmware user-configurable to identify many of the features, including performance characteristics, the limits of the program, information came out, and more.


Once powered the A-Series Servo Cylinder device is capable of quick movements. This can generate large amounts of energy. Always make sure a safe distance from the body parts and other equipment, which was held prior to the application of power. Complications cylinder operates in low voltage (recommended 8-36 VDC). Be careful when handling and working around the engine to avoid electric shock.


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