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Piezo Actuators used to give very short stroke movement with high frequency and quick response time

The Piezo Actuators is converting electrical signals to physical movement precisely controlled (stroke). If prevent displacement, and can use force (to prevent power) will develop. The Piezo Actuators is used to control the accuracy of movement provided by the piezoelectric actuators. This is intended to adjust the precision instruments and lenses, mirrors, or other equipment and machinery.

The piezoelectric actuators are used also to control the hydraulic valves. It acts as a pump or a small motor special-purpose, and other applications that require movement or force size. Piezo actuators are used to give very short stroke movement with high frequency and quick response time. It also produces high strength relative to the small size, and gives them a share of power to a large size.

Piezo Actuators
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Piezo Actuators DSM compensated piezoelectric actuators offer a range of degree much higher temperatures

DSM specializes in temperature-compensated piezoelectric actuators. Thermally compensated piezoelectric actuators offer a range of degree much higher temperatures because they are less affected by thermal changes.

Piezo Actuators DSM is a very good choice to control the movement and precision positioning applications. It will provide hard surfaces smooth and free of station movement, a free kick for GPS applications. You do not need lubrication because they do not produce particles. There are many Piezo Actuators DSM products you can choose from, those are:


LPA Piezo Actuators DSM load mechanically to ensure a two-way process. This is providing greater resistance to the mechanical load compared with the engine is loaded. The design will provide a mechanism high stroke working in a very small group. LPA architecture provides bandwidth capabilities of a dynamic relatively high nominal range of displacement and the size of the mechanism.

2. FPA Series Actuators- Energize to Expand

Piezo Actuators DSM Mechanical tucks is enhancing stacks of ceramic piezoelectric movement. FPA benchmark product provides travel group to control the voltage range of -30 to + 150V. The list of products is less than the smallest to the largest variety of displacement that is from 80μm to 2mm.


Piezo Actuators DSM NA series actuators are direct drive piezoelectric actuators integrated into a protective metal frame. Piece frame is usually homogeneous from stainless steel or titanium alloy with tuck-oriented expansion components. NA series design is suitable for many applications that need high power and high frequency response. NA architecture can be easily customized and promoted to strength and other stroke group.


Mechanical Piezo Actuators DSM lever mechanism inflation tucks movement-oriented integrated piezoelectric ceramic. It includes LFPA engine mechanical amplification secondary movement to achieve ranges of up to 10mm. Because the moving mass is usually less than a mechanism FPA, and architecture enables higher LFPA large dynamic response performance.


The Piezo actuator can be optimized for the application while giving the necessary strength in the semi-deviation for free. The use of Piezo actuators is usually to replace pumps, solenoid valves, and distribution of equipment. But it is also able to withstand harsh environments, such as high vacuums in the semiconductor. You can create a stage full of pesos through a combination of Piezo actuators with bearings or through mini-guide. Those can be stacked this stage to provide X-Y or X-Y-Z movement.


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