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ABB’s Contrac Electrical Linear Actuator LME620-AI/-AN Review

Electric linear actuator is one of integral part in most industrial sector. In the process of automation, actuators are responsible for positioning valves and vanes, etc to control energy, mass and the flow of materials. The Contrac actuator system designed under concept of linear actuators that has already common in the field of industry over 50 years ago. Unlike their predecessors, Contrac fulfills the trend towards actuators as an intelligent field device that has increased capability, connectability and smart visualization systems by integrating into other devices like bus systems.

Electric linear actuator has four main features including continuous positioning, overload-proof at end positions, high protection class, and long service intervals. The increasing overload capacity making it free from dependent torque switch-off while running. The high protection class, make Contrac is possible to be installed in the field that has high leak risk possibility.

Electric linear actuator
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Electric linear actuator CONTRAC provides a combination of proven mechanical components and microprocessor electronics

As the name suggested, CONTRAC, was defined as “Control and Actuator”, refers to the new generation of compact actuator that provides a combination of proven mechanical components and microprocessor electronics. Here are the superiorities of Contrac as a compact electric linear actuator:

- Highly compatible with fieldbus device
- Compatible with the more traditional control methods
- Has a self-monitoring facility
- Facilitate diagnostics systems and can be showed via graphic user interface
- Fail-safe technical data enabled

In addition to the rich of functions provided, it also comes with support of asynchronous motor. The motor recognized as proven in its reliability and safety. Not only limited to the durable and powerful motor, the Contrac also come with up-to-date frequency converters, which made it super flexible. Users can set various torque and stroke time with option of adapting various parameters to the control elements or the process. These all of new features ensures operational reliability and facilitate further needs for monitoring, maintenance and service.

Electric linear actuator Communication Options

For controlling flexibility, Electric linear actuator Contrac can be controlled using conventional signals as well as with any new system concept like fieldbus. This is following the concept of an intelligent actuator that is able to communicate using RS 232 interface or via HART protocol using an FSK connection, or fieldbus connection. Users can pair the actuator using FSK and fieldbus through optional features.

For easier monitoring system, Electric linear actuator Contrac also support the integration to DTM (Device Type Manager). The Contrac DTM uses graphical user interface on a PC or laptop to configure all the actuator functions including diagnostics, maintenance and service information.

Who doesn’t require any of that smart function still can access the basic functions via push buttons and LEDs on the commissioning and service field of the power electronic unit.

Further requirement of decentralized intelligence can be realized using PROFIBUS DP communication system. This method provides many benefits including cutting down on wiring, reduce commissioning time, and documentation. When paired to the PROFIBUS DP communication it supports cyclic data exchange, parameterization or configuration through acyclic communication, diagnostics and configuration using GSD files.


With the ABB’s electric linear actuator, manufacturer can improve their end of automation process by taking benefits of an intelligence actuator system provided in the Contrac. Advanced communication integration, smart software and rugged construction make it an ideal option for increasing the overall automation process productivities.


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