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Viscosity Meter Review: EMERSON Micro Motion HFVM Viscomaster

Micro Motion Viscosity Meter technology has been widely applied on delivering the most precise flow, density, and concentration measurement devices for various processes including fiscal applications, process monitoring and process control. The particular HFVM stands for a qualified Heavy Fuel Viscosity Meter constructed based on a high technology and long years expertise from the EMERSON.

There are many advantages of using density and viscosity meter including measuring product quality, optimizing efficiency, performing conversions between volume and mass, and indentifying product interface and many more. In short, anywhere and anytime when the processes see value, composition, and quality are important, and then these sorts of measurements are necessary. As long as the density and viscosity measurement become an integral part of measurement, the Micro Motion HFVM should be one of your considerations.

Through this blog post, you will learn the basic principles on how the EMERSON’s Micro Motion HFVM Viscosity Meter works, its key applications and key features what make it unbeatable.

Viscosity Meter
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The Viscosity Meter Micro Motion HFVM Viscomaster Superiorities

The Viscosity Meter EMERSON’s HFVM Viscomaster delivers accurate, online viscosity and density measurement using a rugged direct insertion sensor that provides the most reliable and real-time measurement viscosity and density. Three aspects that raise the product among the standard are including superior measurement capabilities, outstanding electronics platform, and unbeatable viscosity and density performance. In addition, the device is also oriented for application-specific measurement and output configuration for the most flexible field applications.

Smart electronics Viscosity Meter platform such as local display and user interface provide the best way of maintenance and device management routine. It also provides a most advanced device diagnostics and verification methods with simple integration into PLC, flow computers and DCS systems using a familiar Modbus RS485, HART or Analog 4-20mA. A meter diagnostics provided for real-time monitoring and automated meter verification systems.

As the housing is part of the important feature, the Viscosity Meter device comes with optimized design that is insensitive to temperature, vibration and pressure variations. A robust design makes it superior to be installed in the hazardous environments.

The Viscosity Meter product also highlight what so called as ‘application-specific configurations’ which means the output configuration doesn’t require complicated setup and automatic application for specific measurement.

Key Applications of Viscosity Meter

Many Viscosity Meter processes implement fluid density and viscosity measurements to enhance productivity and throughput. The Heavy Fuel Viscosity Meter (HFVM) Viscomaster is a particular viscosity meters used in the Marine HFO Viscosity Control, Marine Gas Oil Viscosity Control, and Land Based Combustion Control.

In the Marine HFO Viscosity control, the meter installed to increase the engine power output consistency regardless of the fuel variations. Its measurement reliability finally can reduce maintenance and operating costs. In MGO viscosity control, it helps to maximize the response of kinematic viscosity of HFO/MGO cutover times using its robust sensor design.


The Micro Viscosity Meter Motion HFVM Viscomaster from EMERSON provides tons of user-oriented features. It packs all standard principle to improve the processes productivity by implementing the reliable fluid density and viscosity measurements. Viscosity meter also used in the oil fired heater and boiler control to improve fuel atomization. The aim is clear that to reduce the fiscal exposure and emissions.


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