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AKMH Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors Products Features and Specification

The new machines stainless steel guidance to the Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors
AKMH designed to comply with EHEDG and 3A. It meets hygiene NFS and prove themselves with superior performance data standards.
Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors has designed dedicated to a challenging environment for more than 70 years bicycle. The most prominent is the machine used in the Jason Jr., ROV used to explore the Titanic. The leveraged highlight of this experience is in the motor AKMH series. AKMH is designed for food contact area initially. This can be used in reducing cleaning and maintenance time. It contributes directly to the OEE of the device overall height.

Stainless Steel Servo Motors
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Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors AKMH Series Stainless Steel Servo Motors Features

There are some features you can get from AKMH Series Stainless Steel Servo Motors, those are:

1. This product is designed for rapid cleanup and increase uptime.

AKMH Series Stainless Steel is designed to meet IP69K standards, EHEDG and 3 A. This is constructed with FDA approved food grade materials and design. This can be used to eliminate caution flat surface, cracks, and crevices and prevent the accumulation of foreign substances and bacteria. AKMH has some characteristic, such as clean faster, keep your machine running, and improve the OEE of your manufacturing line.

Strong design means that the guard and blankets are not necessary to protect the machine from harsh cleaning system. AKMH housing and cables can survive in the islands to wash every day with high temperatures, caustic chemicals and high pressure.

2. Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors reduces the risk of recalls.

Renovation Food Safety Act (FMSA) gives the federal government the ability to shut down food product recall, the facility, picked up stiff penalties to ensure public safety in food products manufacturing. AKMH has been designed to meet the health needs of the toughest in the industry. This is to reduce the likelihood of food-borne disease and the withdrawal of expensive design.

3. Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors Bottom Line.

Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors AKMH come in 19 standard machine sizes. This comes with some of the standard menus for each to fit many applications machine found in beverages and food, and pharmaceuticals. AKMH Kollmorgen will help in improve OEE and reduce the possibility of the withdrawal of the destruction. This also helps to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness of the machine. In conjunction with gear head, AKMH Series Stainless Steel drives to facilitate a solution from a single source. This comes with high-speed rated up to 8,000 rpm, and thus meet the highest hygiene and efficiency demands.


Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors AKMH drive a new series of Kollmorgen is designed to withstand the most stringent of wash down system. This product use a mix of construction IP69K and wear-resistant material that AKMH. It makes automotive devices that life will continue from your computer AKMH stainless steel motor is delivered with AKD servo amplifiers suitable for application. This is highly efficient in machines with multiple axes distributed spatially, provides for the construction of decentralized system devices.


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