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Zenon IoT Software: ABB’s Scheduling and Factory Supervision Software Review

Zenon IoT software facilitate manufacturers and industries to conduct the most advanced networking system to develop their process reporting and increase their productivity. The software built based on an Operation Data Management System and open HMI provided for delivering secure control, supervision, scheduling, performance reporting, and data acquisition. It is beneficial to give complete report to your customer’s production assets, regardless of the scale and capacity – from a single machine to the unified multi-site factory.

In the multi-site factory, reporting the process is super complex that requires tight scheduling. Using the software IoT, the whole reporting and scheduling procedure can be tidily managed through a simple interface provided by the software. It can convey accurate data in the form of information, integrity and insight.

One of benefit using ABB’s IoT software, it comes with high compatibility with other ABB’s tools and software.

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Zenon IoT Software Features

Zenon IoT Software designed for a complete solution from machinery to warehouse supported applications. It’s easy concept of integration, making it suitable to broad range platform of your automation solutions in machine builder environments and system integrators.

Zenon IoT software Smart Integration

The software supports for smart integration into all security systems and processes. It comes with advanced security systems to prevent for being deployed into critical infrastructure. More than 300 communication protocols and drivers supported. Other key what makes zenon is a must for a potent component in the Internet of Things are including simple ERP and cloud interface.

Zenon IoT software is Easy Reporting Function

To give deep insight to your customer’s production process is easy through smart reporting function. It comes with audit trail, scheduling capabilities and batch production capabilities ensuring you can deliver accurate information. The factory who need this high demand feature are including food and beverages industries.

The reporting function guaranteed to be perfect for quality assurance, optimization, online reporting and production.

Zenon IoT software completed with Multi-User Engineering Capabilities

Another function offered is the multi user engineering capabilities that focused on object oriented design. The design provides solution for low startup cost and high productivity for your entire team. The software is possible to be integrated to the ABB’s Automation Builder software and open engineering interface for the perfect engineering tool chain.

Zenon IoT Software Applications

A comprehensive range of solution was provided by Zenon IoT software. The Internet of Things helps increasing automation applications for various manufacturers around the world. It help manufacturers to achieve the best manufacturing process, increase their productivity, maintain their product quality and increase their worker safety. Many industries have already implement the ABB’s IoT technology are including automotive industry, crane industry, food and beverage, plastics and rubber industry, marine, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), mining industry, and water and wastewater.


Zenon IoT software of Things from ABB provides a complete solution to the factories who want to the smarter reporting and scheduling process to their consumers. As in food & beverage industries, they face demands of tight delivery times and high quality standards. Using the ABB drives and PLCs including the IoT software, they can run their business smoothly beginning from raw material handling to the processing and conveying.


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