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High Sensitif Color Sensors; TAKEX Products Information and Features

By the time, TAKEX Color Sensors industries has been developed in many aspect which go in coverage for the human better lifestyle. From the area of the manufacturing, until the wide range of side range industries such as the energy industry and others.

For ther TAKEX Color Sensors industries manufacturing such as the textile industries, or even more with the plantation or Food and Beverages products which is needed the color sorting aspect include the whole of main productional process, the sensing of color has one of important aspect within the big automation solution chain mechanism.

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Due to the reason, the TAKEX Color Sensors device has become a small with the big and fluent purposes. This component, hold the important single purposes of separating the color aspect for any goods or material which proses by the industries or manufacturing. So that's why looking for the best model become a challenging activities which be done by the people inside the industries. And here in this article we would go further more with the TAKEX product, as one of the world class sensing products device developers manufacture.

TAKEX Color Sensors, Products Featues

As the idea of looking for the color sensors product models which can be the best in installation aspect. Here are the information for the TAKEX products feature, which can be the reference to chosen by the people in inside the industries.

• CST-R80 TAKEX Color Sensors

This model has been developed as the color matching sensor that can be used to LED illumination inspection. Completed with features such as; FT105BC-CS (sold separately) fiber optic unit, CS-ND (sold separately) light attenuator unit, dual teaching with Independent tolerance for color composition and brightness, two separated color composition and brightness and also the digital display for color composition and brightness, make this product become the class leader of color sensing technology.

• CS-R80 TAKEX Color Sensors

Created and developed for sort and batch LEDs and tinted Lamps. This model was completed with such of current specification; 12-24VDC±10%, Ripple 10% Maxpower supply, 50mA(Max.) current consumption, with two standard color registered, Mode 1teaching 1 color, also Mode 3, that teaching 3 colors. This model has polycarbonate materials and short circuit protection.

• CS Series TAKEX Color Sensors

This model has become the RGB LED with optic color detection sensors, this model can detect and utilizing the sequential spectrum modulation. This models come with several features such as; manual, auto and continuous teaching methods, lighter/darker for saturation latitude tolerancing aspect, 1mS(high speed) until 5mS(averaging), 3 distinct color values storage, COL and C+Y color analysis option.

Every TAKEX color sensing product has created and design for high sensitivity aspect which can give the user lots of benefits in case of installation. Choosing the TAKEX model was great solution in sensing technology for industrial, manufacturing and other purposes.


The big issue is how to give the user solution in sensing the colors. TAKEX Color Sensors as one of the big sensing manufacture has come and bring several product which is design by the sensing expert. Choosing the TAKEX color sensors product, has to be a great idea to bring bets color sensing solution in any field and purposes.


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