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The Image-Based Code Readers provide image-based flexibility and high performance, comfort and simplicity code reader

The image-based code readers provide image-based flexibility and high performance, comfort and simplicity code reader. This reader is identifying marks on almost any surface, including metal, glass, plastic or paper. In addition, there are the availability of different models, interfaces, and networking capabilities of the application flexibility.

Image Sensor image-based code readers
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Image-Based Code Readers Lector63x as a small icon, high production speeds, or to determine the long distances

Lector63x image-based code readers is a flexible and based on the image code reader. With a high resolution image, compact housing and the exchange of visual design and equipped with a well-equipped for a variety of needs. Lector63x and easy to handle: a quick exchange of Optics, an intuitive user interface, laser aiming, pager, lamps reactions and MicroSD cards - simplifies setup, operation and maintenance. It can easily be used as a small icon, high production speeds, or to determine the long distances.

Lector63x image-based code readers is the new member of the family of code readers based on the image of the patients. Put the reader 2 MP Lector63x in a compact and flexible design. Optical flexibility ensures optimal setup for your needs. Read codes on different distances and speeds. A small icon of high production speeds, can determine the long-distance carrier, or read more show. Here are some benefits of image-based code readers Lector63x:

a. Optical design image-based code readers to be flexible to meet your challenge

The unique optical design concept Lector63x supports the use of a variety of lenses, from simple Sgarh- S lens mount C- Mount lenses of high quality. This is an ideal solution to meet the optimum viewing angle for different lenses. Optics can be covered by a veil to meet IP 67 rating.

b. Smart solutions image-based code readers to create simplicity

Lector63x facilitates a comprehensive set of features ensures easy setup and operation and maintenance. Function buttons, LED and laser aiming will allow quick installation. Intuitive user interface functions with a quick setup. They are designed to fit the concept of 4Dpro patients. This is helping to ensure ease of integration across the network and compatibility with other identification technology identity of patients.

c. The image-based code readers can be completed various applications

Lector63x image-based code readers come based on a new image and more compact than Lector65x and stronger than Lector62x. Optics flexibility in combination with the leading decoding technology ensures reliable reading performance for your application. Lector63x can provide advantages in a variety of applications. For example the user profiles in sorting packages or automated system and sorting in the CEP and retail. It can also be used to identify long distances to trace in the automotive icons and high-fidelity reading in the electronics markets solar power.


This pain Lector63x image-based code readers is a symbol image-based reader to offer a high reading performance in a wide range of applications. Flexibility in the optical reading Lector63x provide reliable performance even under difficult circumstances, including reading small icons at high speeds or in applications with large reading distances. Lector63x designed for many applications such as user profiles in sorting packages and camera functions offer. This includes automatic sorting system, logistics and retail, and the sequencing and assembly of the end for the industries of food packaging and pharmaceutical line.


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