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Movimed AF-150X Series Analog Frame Grabbers Vision Module; Product Information and Benefits

Vision Module produced by National Instruments CompactRIO Meets Machine Vision has has been provided by Movimed as CompactRIO frame grabber modules that can be supported the video cameras analog model. It was developed and created for any analog camera such as NTSC, PAL, or SECAM that can be plugged to capture video data directly into the CompactRIO system. At the other hand it also offered to completed the LabVIEW drivers which could allow developers function to leverage native image processing included libraries, all has use with the LabVIEW Vision Development Module.

By that function the Movimed Analog Frame Grabbers Vision Module, has come to completed several purposes such as; remote monitoring, automated microscopy, video and data logging also the robotic vision. All purposes can be used for the industries or industrial purposes as well as the common used for any intention.

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Here in this article we would go further more with every single for the Movimed AF-150X Vision Module family series. Every product informations also benefits which can used for whom that need to know more about each of the Movimed products.

AF-1501 and AF-1502, Analog Frame Grabbers Vision Module From Movimed

The Vision Module was developed as well as a small rugged industrial acquisition and control system powered by reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA technology for operating in a ultra high performance and customization. Due to that reason, Movimed has developed two models which called the AF-1501 and AF-1502, and here are the general information for each of the models.

1. AF-1501, Single Channel Monochrome Vision Module

This model was designed as single ended BNC1 input model, which totally created to support single board RIO.

2. AF-1502, The Dual Channel Monochrome Vision Module

Along with the sequel called AF-1501 this model was developed as the dual channel monochrome vision module which completed with following specification called the multiplexed or 2 BNC Input.

Each of the vision module was created with following specification such as; 254 gray levels (8-bit), 16 gray levels (4-bit), and 1-bit Threshold. 9-bit ADCanalog front end, LabVIEW FPGA or LabVIEW RT software driver, DB-15, female, high density, single-board RIO and or compactRIO module form factor, 75 Ohm, +/- 1% impedance which can support NTSC / RS-170 CCIR / PAL SECAM formats. Every function and specification aspect has create and designed for the user beneficial act as the speed optimized mode, hardware accelerated thresholding, progressive skip sampling, as well as the programmable ROI.Every of the AF-150X Series has developed for user kindness in wide ranges of robotics or automation applications.


The Movimed has produced ultra high performance and customizable analog frame grabbers vision module which called as the AF-150X Series. This vision module product was derived as two series called the AF-1501 as the single channel model and AF 1502 series as the dual channel model. Each of the models which developed by the Movimed manufactures has completed with several function which is created for the user benefits in the automation and robotics application.


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