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Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors Product Specification to monitor the ambient temperature around the actual location of the sensor

Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit is ideal to monitor the ambient temperature around the actual location of the sensor. This sensor uses a thermistor Wireless degree heat to accurately measure the temperature. Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit Products are available in the temperature sensor leaded (determine the length of the initiative in order to see the certificate provided) NIST accredited. Monnit Industrial Sensors come in NEMA 4X, IP65, CE rated, sealed enclosure and weatherproof. They work by one, replace, and industrial grade 3.6 V batteries (included).

Wireless Temperature Sensors
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Wireless Temperature Sensors Product from Monnit

There are many products of Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit you can choose, some of them are:

1. Monnit Industrial Wireless Temperature Sensor

This Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit product uses optional solar-powered version. Version includes solar-powered battery and rechargeable lithium iron phosphate in cooperation. It includes the power of solar cells to keep the battery charged and the maximum capacity. If there is no light in solar cells, batteries themselves can continue to operate the sensor up to 5 years.

You can use this Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit for:

a. Temperature monitoring of commercial real estate empty to avoid frozen pipes

b. Temperature monitoring warehouse to avoid suppression frozen extinguishing system

c. Control ventilation and air conditioning system for the detection of failure or heating / cooling problems and many others.

2. Monnit Wi-Fi Temperature Sensors

This Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit is accurate to +/- 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit). This is also available with external temperature probe. The actual range of this product may vary depending on the environment. The battery is affected by the frequency of reporting (the heartbeat), Wi-Fi security type, the type of sensors, and the distance of Wi-Fi routers and other variables.

For programming the sensor to connect to Wi-Fi network, you will need a programming cable and utility to set up free Wi-Fi MoWi. Setup utility MoWi is only available for Windows computers offline.

3. Wireless Temperature Sensor from Monnit powered by Commercial Aa Battery

This Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit is powered by the standard version of the sensor by two 1.5 V AA size batteries replace (included with purchase). It is available with a choice of power lines as well. Line-powered versions use two 1.5 V standard AA batteries as a backup to a continuous process in the event of power line outages. Version-powered line of this sensor has a power connector barrel allows the standard with support from 3.0 to 3.6 V power supply (included with the increasing power line option).

4. Wireless Temperature Sensor from Monnit mounting flange features powered by Commercial Coin Cell

In order to make Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit to work optimally, all antennas must be directed to the sensors and the gate (s) in the same direction (usually vertical). The sensor must be at least 3 feet. This should away from the other sensors and wireless gateway to function properly. Monnit wireless sensor mounting flange features can be installed on most surfaces using the included screws installation or double sided tape. Monnit detects open / close the wireless sensor at the door or window is open or closed. The sensor to work properly, the magnet must be within 1 inch of


Wireless temperature sensor from Monnit is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. It has been programmed to sleep during the period from the user a certain time (the heartbeat). To stay in the ability of the processor, it is calculated by the temperature of the submitted data tables by the manufacturer. To reduce errors, there is executed variable resistor configuration on the scope of a certain temperature.


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