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Productivity2000 (Micro-Modular Programmable Controller) Features and Specification to serve specific application needs better three cable options

Productivity2000 is the latest addition to the production line industrial control Automation Direct. Productivity2000 atypical uses the shelf system with a full range of discrete, analog and specialty I / O modules. The high CPU performance has 50MB of memory to support its function.

Productivity2000 offers 8 points and 16 points separate versions of the contribution of the separate DC outputs (sinking or sources). The AC unit 8 or 16 points relay went out and specialized units (including high I / O units). Analog outputs, inputs and combining units are also available in all 16-bit resolution.

Productivity2000 Micro-Modular Programmable Controller
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Productivity2000 (Micro-Modular Programmable Controller) Feature

There are some features of Productivity2000 (Micro-Modular Programmable Controller), some of them are:

1. Smart strategy Productivity2000

You need to pull down the QR tab from top of I/O module. Then, scan with your smart phone or tablet QR app to get the latest updated specifications of the unit. Now you can quickly scan QR on each I / O module with a standard QR code reader on any Smartphone or tablet code. You have the installation and specifications unit and graphic details of wiring at your fingertips instantly.

There are some of tips to save time; they all have one thing in common. They fill in the empty inside approach. This process makes it easy to configure even the most complex tasks that previously required a large amount of program code.

2. Built-in data logging Productivity2000

This Built-in data logging Productivity2000 product can rack up to 64 markers at one time. It will also save the data to a micro-SD card featuring Removable in the CPU. Capture up to 32GB of data either at regular intervals (minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc.) or when certain events occur. Recording data cards, system errors and system activity can be used to track performance and efficiency. It will also solve the problem of repeat or intermittent errors, predicted damage in the future.

The portable device can also be used to download or upload a project to / from Productivity2000 displays without a computer. This feature is great for renovation PLC located remotely. It sends the project on any factory flash devices in the world. This can also update the controller with the latest project.

3. Linking three base built-in data Productivity2000

Productivity2000 designed with the database in mind connection. DataWorx request (DWX) instructions to help you determine all aspects of the communication server.


Productivity2000 is all about productivity, even down to the wire. It is available to serve specific application needs better three cable options. Two terminal blocks. One type of screw is provided one type of clamp, as well as our wire ZIPLink system. ZIPLink cables and terminals are not only saves precious time, but also maintain a clean and efficient installation. ZIPLinks uses half the space at a fraction of the cost of the standard terminal block part. It is enough to capture the connector I / O module. You just have to plug the cable into ZIPLink field and work your extensions station done. In fact, many of Productivity2000 I / O unit did not include terminal block for direct connection of I / O.


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