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Product and Specification Data Loggers Systems from Poseidon that worked based on the particular data recorder

Data Logger is an electronic device that worked based on the particular data recorder, this toll can measure air temperature, AC / DC current, relative humidity and voltage, time of use (lights, motors, etc.), differential pressure, light intensity, temperature, and many others.

Data logger is usually a compact device, battery powered, which are equipped with data storage, internal processor, sensors and one or more. It can be used indoors, outdoors, under water, and the data can be up to months at a time recording, without supervision.

Data Logger
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Systems and Data Loggers from Poseidon

There are two product of data logger you can choose from Poseidon, those are stated as follows:

1. Trident AP2200 Data Loggers, an easy to use platform to collect sensor data, processing, measurements and interpretation

This is sophisticated data recording platform. Trident our AP2200 is an easy to use platform to collect sensor data, processing, measurements and interpretation, and dissemination of information to the web server for remote access. AP2200 makes sensing data collection easy and reliable even in environments with unreliable. Data buffer to 1.7 GB of storage on board to successfully cut across Ethernet, cellular networks, Wi-Fi and more.

It can be used as a gateway Modbus TCP. It is to be allowed to collect data from two RS-232 ports, CAN bus ports and RS-485 port. Cellular modem makes the deployment easier even in remote places. This is easily configured to query the sensor and directing the data to your HTTP or FTP server, and the need to the local barrier. It is even possible to perform calculations on the plane.

2. Trident FQMS Data Loggers, advanced multi-sensor systems that can be used to monitor the quality of the liquid

This Trident FQMS Data Loggers is advanced multi-sensor systems that can be used to monitor the quality of the liquid. Poseidon provides quality control system that accommodates liquid sensor. This is suite to assess the condition of the lubricant through real-time systems, and measuring online.

Some of the sensor options are available to enable customization for your application. This includes: wear metal sensor, monitor quality oil, air pollution control, flow meter and online rotation viscometer.

This sensor is plumbed and wired into a 12”x12”x 6” NEMA 4 enclosure with external interfaces. Those are provided for fluid power, connections and communications. Acquisition System Optional data (Trident AP2200) handles all of the acquisition of sensor data, storage, and delivery. The system can support a variety of 3rd party sensors to meet specific customer requirements. It supports RS485, RS232, in CAN bus and other organs of the sensor inputs, despite the fact that the development of special drivers may be required.


The data loggers are used in a variety of indoor environments, in the open air, water and temperature control. Basically you can use it anywhere on the necessary and the convenience of battery power and data preferred. Data logger is, an electronic device that stores data that is quite simply. Revolutionary solution ideal for data logging has become currently represented by a variety of devices, from small to quite complex data recording system.


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