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The Configurations Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor with Software Configured and Pushbutton Configured

The ultrasonic liquid level sensor is a sensor that's very important. It plays a very important role in a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Choosing the right settings to the needs of the application is very important. A wide variety of sensors available in the market, in general, they are classified on the basis of a specific application of the sensor.

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors and Switches

Innovative ultrasonic liquid level sensor program or press the keys on the composition. EchoPod® is ultrasonic family of innovative sensor that solves fluid float level, behavior and pressure sensors. This sensor will solve those fail due to contact with dirty fluids, sticky and expansion of small, medium and large-capacity tanks. This sensor can be used on both the liquid level in the tank is open or closed (not suitable for pressure tank). The Software configuration or composition of the press models available keys.

This sensing fluid levels flow line is ideal for use as a water level sensor. The switches for liquid level will change the pumps, engines or beyond, and liquid level transmitter level tank sensor. It is also useful for other applications that require liquid level control accurately and continuously or measuring liquid level.

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor
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The configurations of ultrasonic liquid level

Models with three or four relays can be configured to worry about the level of the liquid and / or stand-alone liquid level controls. For example is automatic fill or empty function uses the level of control is an integral part. The configurations of ultrasonic liquid level are stated bellow:

1. Software Configured ultrasonic liquid level

The training program requires the computer, but with additional features added. This program sensor configuration uses simple computer configured with software and programming Fob Free ™ webcal level sensor with a USB adapter.

Big problem with these sensors is that you connect it to LI99-1001 program. This product itself is not so bad. However, it means that if you want to change the settings, you should really remove it from the system. This sensor has no industry standard interfaces, an RS422, RS485, and RS232. This ommition, make the product comes with cheap price.

2. Pushbutton Configured ultrasonic liquid level

Push-button switches and mechanical keys are defined by the method used to activate the keys. Way normally activate in the form of pressing the plunger down to open or close the switch. Configuration button do no device required computer. The pressure on the composition create button easily using built-in buttons.

There are a few poles and threw configuration of keys pressing a button. Total referred switch connection use a group which is known as the number of poles and a number of positions (single or double) as the throw. Switch function is different mechanisms based on its type.


Ultrasonic liquid level sensor is usually used in chemical applications, water and sanitation. This liquid level sensor provide for general purpose with the ability to multi-function one. This is including continuous level measurement, switching and control level.


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