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SICK MultiFit Incremental Encoder DBS36 Core Review to help particular industrial processes that need positioning and speed measurement

Introducing SICK’s incremental encoders, a robust and multifunction industrial device aimed to help particular industrial processes that need positioning and speed measurement like in chainsaw operation, storage and conveyor, packaging machine, textile industry, elevators, glass industry, printing passes and many more. Find out a complete review about the device through this blog entry.

The DBS36 Core is a flexible, versatile and compact incremental encoder. Fitted with the most innovative technology in the class, it can deliver precise information about rotation counts, angle and position. The DBS36 can answers demanding reference run when switching on the machine. The device coupled to the control unit that count the pulses transmitted from the encoder. It may in the form of number of lines or pulses per rotation. As current position is required in the whole process, then it will determined by the control unit.

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There are numbers of incremental encoders offered by SICK. The particular model DBS36 has a bigger housing than its sibling DBS50, but with enhanced versatility making it very adaptable to the new installation site or the pre-installed industrial systems, processes and machines. One subtle difference to the DBS50, the DBS36 incremental encoders has more mounting holes patterns, which make it easier to integrate with high compatibility to numerous machines and devices.

Features and Benefits of SICK DBS36 Core Incremental Encoder

In order to catch its function to help particular industrial processes that need positioning and speed measurement, the SICK DBS36 Core Incremental Encoder has been supported by its following features as below:

- The face mount flange also has servo groove making you possible to mount the device with servo clamps.

- Hollow shaft with universal stator coupling designed for easier device removal without affecting the application.

- 37 mm compact housing

- Comes with metric shaft measurement making it possible of worldwide application

- High enclosure rating (IP 65), high temperature resistance (-20-degree Celsius to +85-degree Celsius ), lifetime bearing quality

- Supports numbers of electrical interfaces:
- Number of lines: 10 to 2,500

Example of Various Filed Applications

In saw-blade positioning, the DBS36 Core provides precise measurement values of height of the automatic saw blade positioned. The incremental encoder can be applied by mounting directly into the supported flange joint or hollow shaft. The compact size will save space.

In the modular transfer systems incremental encoders used for determining the electric axes in place of the conventional electric DC or pneumatic lifting cylinders. In result, when the DBS36 Core tokes as part of the component, it will increase the flexibility of modular transfer systems.

On the tote shuttle, the DBS36 will make sure the precision of the shuttle positioning as benefit of its high resolution and repeatability. It is understandable because incremental encoder can reliably supplies value for controlling the positioning speed, delay and acceleration.


The SICK MultiFit incremental encoders are suitable for various applications in wide range of industries capacities. The particular model DBS36 Core is a compact sort of the available incremental encoders suitable for tight space of applications. It offers affordable solutions to measure speed, angle and positioning


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