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Allan-Bradley Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems, Features, Specification and Other Informational Fact

Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems is part of industrial development. There are so many device has developed in case to support best idea on better industrial process and working status. Every device or any other equipment, which create or designing to complete the great ideas of better automation solution systems aspect. That's why it was totally reasonable where lots of manufactures or developer has go in pursue to offered best product.

So by the time, due to the fact and the costumer in automation solution Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems needed, there are manufacture called Allan-Bradley which recognizingly create best of various automation solution things. The device which made by Allan-Bradley called. And here in this article we would go further more for this device, in case of features, specification and any other good things which can be great for the user benefits.

Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems
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Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems,MP-Series™ Food Grade Servo Motor

Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems is one of the biggest field which knowingly developed in this decades was kind of Industry that goes so much closed with any edible product such as, Food and Beverages industry, Dairy Product Industries, as well as the medical and cosmetical industries. Than by that reasons, there would be more need some kind of the device which can contact with any edibles material. Thats why this Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems, has come.

But not only, in one sides, Allan-Bradley also completed this Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems device which several greates features. Every feature has become a great ideas to hold the big issue of the product qualities, as well as the capabilities.

• Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems comes with 3.0…7.25 N-m (27…64 lb-in) continuous torque.
• Prepared as the best model by the AC brushless synchronous servo motors.
• Can be providing the operating speeds around the highest level 5000 rpm,middle speed level 3500 rpmand the lowest around 3000 rpm.
• Could be easily upgrade as identical to MP-Series™ servo motors as well as.
• As the protection aspect it was come with IP66 with shaft seal (standard) rated than can be use with environmentally sealed cable connectors

SIL2/PLd safe torque-off is certified when used with a standard Kinetix 6000 safe-off header. This recommendation has offered to prevents the failure on drive restarts in case when the safety circuit is tripped. By the simple words, this device was the best choice in Integrated Drive-motor Systems device for any users purposes.


The Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems, was kind of the device offered by Allan-Bradley automation solution corps, that can completed the users purposes. The best aspect which being this device main features is the food grade level. So it can be used for any purposes, especially in the industries where lots of edibles things has involved and become the production capital.


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