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Automation Direction Laser Sensors Product Types and Specification

Laser Sensors is the impact of industrial modernization. In this field, there are several aspect which had to change and developed. One of the main aspect which can be seeing had been change dramatically was the automation mechanism. So, due to the fact it was totally a reasonable things when the world of industries always go in pursue for get the best device to found best automation solution ideas.

One of the small parts which known influence the several aspect inside the whole automation solution called the lasers sensors. It was the small parts which always need to found by the people inside the industries to support them. And one of the best way to found, it was goes via the automation direction web sites.

Several lasers sensors, has offered around the entire web sites. There are many models for many purposes such as; Distance Measuring Laser Sensors - OPT Series, Backgrfooound Suppression Laser Sensors - OPT / FAL Series, Diffuse Laser Sensors - FAL4 Series, Polarized Retroreflective Laser Sensors - FALN Series, and through beam lasers sensors. Here in this article we would go further more with the informational and acknowledgement for the each of the devices.

Laser Sensors
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Many Models for Any Purposes, Choose Laser Sensors, The Suitable For You

Each of the lasers sensors offered through automation direction sites, has own specific specification. All parts and component has design to give user benefits in whole range of operational aspect. And here are the information for each products;

• Distance Measuring Laser Sensors

To support the function, this models has completed with several specification, down to 8 µm can be adjustable analog scalable down to 5mm range, it was the high resolution aspect, available with class 1 and 2 lasers types, down to 660 µs. Each of the parts was bundled around 295 USD.

• Background Suppression Lasers Sensors

This models offered as a family device, called the OPT and FAL series. The OPT Series has offered with following specification such as; 50mm x 50mm and 81mm x 55mm rectangular plastic – DC, 10-30 VDC operating voltage, class 1 red lasers, pushbutton user interface and teach in sensitivity adjustment. On the other hand, the sister device called the FAL series has also come with great specification such as; 10-30 VDC operating voltage, class 1 and class 2 lasers, right angle or axial optical head modes, 4-pin M12 quick disconnect connector, and also the IP67 rated.

• Diffuse Laser Sensors

This model called also as the FAL 4 Series, come with several grea features such as; 1 meter sensing distance (with 100 x 100 mm white matte paper), 10-30 VDC operating voltage, NPN or PNP; Complementary Normally open/ Normally closed outputs, M12 quick or Axial Cable-disconnect models, with 18 mm diameter plastic housing and IEC IP67 protection degree.

• Polarized Retroreflective Laser Sensors

Come as FALN series-polarized, this model has designed with 18 mm diameter, with plastic housing material. This small device can reach around 20-30 meter sensing distances. IEC IP67 has become the protection standard for this device.

• Through Beam Laser Sensors

Designing as the FALD/FALH series, this model also had 18 mm diameter, with plastic housing. The sensing range is around 50 Meter, with NPN or PNP; Complementary Normally open/ Normally closed outputs. As other device this model also protect with IEC IP67 protection degree.

To bring better function, there also other supported equipment such as cable and accessories. The accessories come around with several goods such as; Reflectors, Extension cables with quick-disconnect plugs on each end, Cables - Micro (M12) quick-disconnect, Field wireable M12 connectors and T-couplers. Each has been design to bring better function for the users benefits.


To create an automation solution system to bring better and increasing productivites for the manufacturing or other industries is something which would become. But to found the best parts to realize that ideas is on the otherhands. Automation direct, has offered complete parts for the industrial lasers sensor, or other field which need it that has been designed to give user benefits in whole range of operational aspect.


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