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Automation Direction Optical Rotary Encoders Product Types and Specification

Optical Rotary Encoders is the impact of the industrial development, there are also many systems which need to upgrading and adjusting with the modernization. One of the real impact which can see by the people is the automation solution which involved the industrial controllers.

There are so many issues which had to following by the people, which we known involved and work inside the industries and industrial fields. For the example, the machinery now has need to be adjustable to go as fast as the supply and demand which is wanting by the customer itself. Like or dislike, the component inside the and other things inside, has to be adjustable from the smallest Optical Rotary Encoders parts.

One of the important parts which is needed was the optical rotary encoders, which we known as the parts of motion sensing applications. In this article we would go further more with one of optical rotary encoders, that offered by Automation Direction.

Optical Rotary Encoders
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Types Of Optical Rotary Encoders, Koyo Oncoders, Which Provide By Automation Direction

Each of Optical Rotary Encoders vendor has try to serve the world of industries with great and ready to used parts which can joining and complete the big systems of automation solutions. Also the automation direction, which preserve the idea of industries in automation solutions, has do the same things. And here are the class types for the rotary optical encoders, preserve by Automation Direction.

• Light Duty Incremental Optical Rotary Encoders

For whom which want to applicate the models which need not much requiring load on a shaft. Ready in 4 types, 4mm Solid Shaft called TRD-MX Series, 6mm Solid Shaft named TRD-S Series, 8mm Hollow Shaft called TRD-SH Series, also TRDA-2E Series which ready for 1/4 inch Solid Shaft (SAE-dimension). Each of the types has IP40 or IP50 dust proof ratting, with 200 kHz maximum response frequency.

• Medium Duty Incremental Optical Rotary Encoders

Also came with 4 series, such as TRD-N Series for 8mm Solid Shaft (now up to 5000 ppr), TRD-NH Series - 8mm Hollow Shaft (now up to 5000 ppr), TRDA-20 Series - SAE-Dimension 0.375 in. Solid Shaft, and TRDA-25 Series - SAE-Dimension 0.375 in. Solid Shaft with MS Connector, this model operating in Up to 200 kHz response frequency. Each types has the IP50 dust proof ratting.

• Heavy Duty Incremental Optical Rotary Encoders

This only had a single models called the TRD GK Series, which can apply in 10 mm solid shaft. For completed the device competences, it was create with several specifications, such as; 3.0 inch or 78mm rugged size 30 diameter body, IP65 splash proof ratting, 30 pulses/revolution to 5000pulses/revolution incremental operation aspect, totem pole out, two meters with tinned end cables, and up to 100 khz responses frequency.

Each of the optical rotary encoders offered by automation direction, has bundled around 80-230 USD. The price depends on the device capabilities and other classified specification that come in to. Choose the device to create and increasing operating standard for any industrial purposes.


Optical rotary encoders, was create for any types of motion sensing applications. Each of the models that bundling by the Automation Solution was offered publicy as the greate device models, which can used for any industrial kindness to create and increasing operating standard for any industrial purposes.


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