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Allen Bradley Level Sensors Products Specification to sensor high or low level leak detection, alarm, overflow cover and adjust the interaction between different media levels

A level sensor is a device that can be used to determine the level or amount of liquids, fluids or other substances flowing in open or closed systems. There are two level measurements, no continuous level measurement and a point. You can use continuous level sensors in measuring a level to some extent, but they provide accurate results. On the other hand, point level sensor only to determine whether the liquid level is high or low.

Usually the level sensors are connected to the output unit to transmit the results to the monitoring system. Currently employs wireless technology transfer data to the monitoring system, which is very useful in high and dangerous locations that are not easily accessible by public sector employees.

Level Sensors
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Today, various measurement system level sensors are available to handle a variety of standards such as the need for high accuracy, different types of applications, system installation requirements and practices. Measurement technology is designed in different versions to meet different measurement needs, or to handle a specific application.

Allen Bradley Level Sensors Products Specification

Allen Bradley level sensor is heavy duty industrial control devices. They open and close connections in response to changes in fluid level. Those five different has modes with both a duty-free engine and contact ratings and level sensors. The products you can choose are stated bellow:

1. Float Switches Level Sensors

Allen Bradley has offers five different modes with both the duty-free engine and the contact ratings for these keys. This type of switch provides automated control of the engine that pumps fluid from the tub or reservoir. The connections are classified for both the pilot and the engine. The features of this product are stated bellow:

a. Sensitivity of processes of 2 ... 5.
b. Contact labels NEMA A600 and N300
c. Most models can be converted between tank operations and pelvis
d. Floating rods and cables are stainless steel
e. The operator introduced eleven float standard assembly switch
f. It is available in Type 1, 4, and 7/9 Attach Files

2. Solid-state Level Switches Sensors

Allen Bradley Bulletin 840E Solid-state Level Switch is processor based and designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions and wash down applications such as liquid level control in tanks, containers and pipes. These keys are available in AC DC which are influenced by versionsm by foam, and are safe from vibration and stacking.

This type of switch can be used for all types of liquids which is used in tanks, containers and pipes. This tool has been built safely with state-of-the-art meet the applicable requirements and EC directives. It can, however, be a source of danger if used incorrectly or anything other than a designated use. Individuals are only familiar with the type of product and accompanying machinery that plan or perform the installation, start, configuration, and subsequent maintenance of the 840E bulletin level switch.


Level sensors can be used to sensor for high or low level leak detection, alarm, overflow cover and adjust the interaction between different media levels. They are found in various industries which is not limited to manufacturing, beverage, food, chemical, marine, pharmaceutical, medical, fuel / energy management.


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