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Compact/Precision Limit Switches Product Specification can be used as a controller for normal engine operation or emergency switch

Compact/Precision Limit Switches regulate the operation of a machine equipped with parts that relate to the mechanism of shift of moving action. Different types of industrial machines are shown using the limit keys to control the movement of the machine in the production lines. But sometimes you will also find the switch in non-industrial applications, such as the process of electric motor unit garage door opener.

In the case of a garage door opener, the limit Compact/Precision Limit Switches are responsible for stopping the engine that lifts the door before the door crashes into the lift mechanism. This is also act as disable t engine key as the door closes, preventing it from being driven to the ground. This limit switch activates and the same process to work in semi-automated operation to adjust the work begins to stay within performance standards.

Compact Precision Limit Switches
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Compact/Precision Limit Switches Products

Allen Bradley Compact/Precision Limit Switches are electrical and mechanical device consisting of mechanical motor connected to a range of contacts. When an object comes into contact with the engine, the device works connections to make a break or electrical connection. Their limit switches operate in a variety of environments and applications due to ruggedness, easy installation, straightforward operation and reliable operation.

Allen Bradley compact, precision and small keys precision Compact/Precision Limit Switches withstands rugged environments that demand for industrial applications. You can install 802B limit switch in areas that conventional NEMA limit switches cannot, because of their size and mounting options.

The practical Compact/Precision Limit Switches applications of the limit agreement keys include: Ideal for very small areas for traditional limit keys similar to NEMA, packaging, material handling, transfer and food processing. There are three options you can choose from, those are:

1. Bulletin 802B Precision Compact/Precision Limit Switches

The 802B Bulletin has precision limiting keys using die-cast housing with 1/2 channel NPT input. Those are rubber boot to extra Seal Beach head.

2. Bulletin 802B Compact Limit Switches ideal for installation in very small areas

This type of limit switch is the kind of small enclosure keys. They are ideal for installation in very small areas similar to the traditional NEMA limit switch. Each model has die-casting housing for durability and industry standard mounting dimensions and operational characteristics of optimal application flexibility.

3. Bulletin 802B Small Precision Limit Switches

The 802B small-cap bulletin keys are similar to the 802B precision keys, but with some additional features. They have an enclosure rating of NEMA 6 and IP67, seal gland control entry rubber cable, 12 head configuration.


Compact/Precision Limit Switches can detect and are controlled by the motion of the object existence. The limit switch is basically a switch that can be driven by another object other than a human trigger. The switch is an electrical device used to break the circuit. Mechanic limit switch uses a physical connection to detect an object. While the solid state devices use a proximity sensor, light sensor, or electric switch. It can be used as a controller for normal engine operation or emergency switch.


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