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Presence Sensing Device is ideal for applications where individuals need frequent and easy access after safe to hazardous areas

The Presence Sensing Devices of Allen Bradley® Guardmaster Sensor Safety Devices from Rockwell Automation® helps protect personnel and equipment to detect the presence of people and objects in the area guarding the device. Allen Bradley Presence Sensing Devices enable to detect the absence or presence and the distance of an object.

Presence Sensing Devices Products Allen Bradley offers a wide range of Presence Sensing Devices to solve the application needs; some of them are stated bellow:

Presence Sensing Devices
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1. Inductive Presence Sensing Devices Proximity Sensor

This type of Presence Sensing Devices sensor can detect metal objects without touching them. This technology is used in applications where metal objects are to be detected within a day or two inches from the face of the sensor. You can use this sensor in lightweight packaging applications and environments punishable on automotive welding equipment or harsh wash downs in food processing plants. There are many options you can choose, some of them are:

a. Presence Sensing Devices Tubular sensor

The tubular inductive proximity sensor can switch devices independent, solid state. They felt the presence of iron and non-ferrous objects without touching them.

b. Presence Sensing Devices Cylinder Sensors

You can use cylinder inductive proximity sensor for the end of hydraulic cylinder stroke and pneumatic sensor or open / closed signal on power clamps and clamps.

c. Presence Sensing Devices Rectangular sensor

Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors offers a range and longer sensor than those found in conventional cylinder housing.

2. Capacitive Presence Sensing Devices Proximity Sensor

Allen Bradley Bulletin 875C and 875 CP Capacitive Presence Sensing Devices Proximity Probes tubular offers adjustable sensing. It is equipped with two indicators showing power and output status. The 875CP version features unobstructed plastic barrels and models. 875C protected and placed in copper-plated nickel-plated sensor.

3. Presence Sensing Devices Photoelectric sensors

This Presence Sensing Devices sensor uses light rays to detect the presence or absence of an object. This technique is an ideal alternative to intruder proximity sensor when you need remote sensing or when the element you want to feel is non-metallic. Allen Bradley PV suppression background sensors are designed for applications that require sensors to see the target very close to the reflective background. Background suppression is very effective when the target and background has the same reflectivity.

4. Presence Sensing Devices Ultrasonic Sensor

Presence Sensing Devices Ultrasonic sensor is solid-state devices designed for the noncontact sensor of solid and liquid objects. This sensor is available in a range of remote sensing and style with either analog or separate outputs depending on our sensor model. There are some models you can choose, some of them are:

a. Presence Sensing Devices 873C Proximity-Style

This Presence Sensing Devices type of ultrasonic sensor can detect the pattern of solid and liquid targets from a distance of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet).

b. Presence Sensing Devices 873E Clear Object

This Presence Sensing Devices type of sensor is designed to scan the sensor's ultrasonic sensor from the emitter and the recipient mode is opposed. The receiver is a microprocessor based and provides advanced temperature stability and noise immunity.


The presence sensing safety devices is ideal for applications where individuals need frequent and easy access after safe to hazardous areas. You can sue it near automatic welding, stamping, machining centers, filter presses, hydraulic presses or packaging equipment.


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