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SIKO Wire-Actuated Encoders; Many Models for Many Purposes, Product Overview and Acknowledgement

Wire actuated encoders was one of vital parts for the lenght measurement technology. It was needed by the industries itself to do any length measurement, or other measuring and controlling beyond whole of manufacturing plantation. Than due to that fact, there were so many developers, which go in pursue to create and offered by models for belonging with any industries as they client.

One of the biggest named, which can provide this Wire-actuated encoders technologies widerly was the SIKO global. SIKO has offered so many model of this components than offered to the industries which is needed around the world. And here in this article we would go further more with each of the SIKO product. Than check it out and found best information you looking for.

Wire-actuated encoders
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SIKO Wire-Actuated Encoders Products, Worth in Every Condition, Best Choice with Many Benefits

To answer the industries intention, Wire-actuated encoders SIKO has produce many model of the wire-actuated encoders. Each of the product has create by the expert in the field which lateraly involved with this business along many years. And here are each of SIKO product overview provide to you.

• Wire-actuated encoders SGH10, Inside The Hydraulic CylinderDirect Stroke Measurement

This Wire-actuated encoders model had the profile measuring range, absolute of system measuring, canopen interface, analog: current and operating voltage, pressure peaks up to 500 bar and pressure-resistant up to 300 bar, adjustable to all measuring lengths with high degree of flexibility, compatible with high electro magnetic and have high shock and vibrating resistance.

• Wire-actuated encoders SGP/1, Analog Output and 6000 Mm Measurement Length With Robust Design

Wire-actuated encoders Designing as the robust design model which can measure among measurement length. Completed with potentiometer, voltage or power output adapted to actual measurement length via an integrated gear this model also can adapted with any various wire types, and housing made of plastic and aluminum material.

• Wire-actuated encoders SG32, 3000 mm Measuring Length, Redundant Sensor System And Robust Design

This Wire-actuated encoders model has provide as robust design wire actuated encoders, with great profile such as; 2x 4…20 mA or potentiometer analogue signal output, adapted any variable mounting options, water drain holes and lockable vent, M12 plug connection, and IP65 protection category.

• Wire-actuated encoders SG31, Robust Design For Rotary Encoder Mounting

This is was the suitable model for any construction application including crane, stage construction and many more. This model has also the acceptable device which easy and universally changeable installation.

• Wire-actuated encoders SG30, The Variable Mounting Options Models

As other models, this Wire-actuated encoders models also designing as compact and robust design. Came with housing made of zinc die-cast and plastic, this device also completed with lockable ventilation holes against condensation. The measuring range is around 3000 mm.

• Wire-actuated encoders SG21, Rotary Encoder Mounting 2000 Mm Measuring Length With Small Design

This Wire-actuated encoders model has came as compact rotary encoders with max. 36 mm diameter flange. stable measuring rope/stainless steel and sturdy zinc die-cast housing, robust design. This was prepare as very compact design products.

Every model of the SKO wire-actuated encoders has prepared as the best model to bring best user benefits. Each of the models has create and prepared to bring not only the statisfaction but also the precision.


There are so many manufacture which prepare the solution parts in whole chain of industrial mechanism. Each of the Wire-actuated encoders SIKO global product has become and offered to the world of industries to completed the industrial belonging and intention. It was the smart solution.


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