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Solenoid Solutions Proportional Valves; Product Information, Features and Beneficial Act

As the impact of Proportional Valves industrial development, there were so many device and tools which is belonging and needed by the industrial fields. It was a big manners which is have to involved so many devices, especially which can support the automation solution, or other way which can increase the productivity's and so on. Than due to the fact, there are many manufactures of console developers which involved with the challenging to pursue the industrial as well as the market intention, one of the biggest named was the solenoid solution which had big issue to meet with any industrial intention.

There are many Proportional Valves device and parts which is need by the industries especially the automation solution. Solenoid solutions also provide big coverage of device, things, components, and parts to support that. And here in this article we would go further more to found one of key point in whole solutions parts, it was the proportional valves.

Proportional Valves
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The Best Idea, Best Value Brings By Small Parts From Proportional Valves Solenoid Solutions

There are many Proportional Valves manufacture which involved and create the model of proportional valves, but solenoid solutions has been provide more value by offered the better design of it. It was designed to control the gas or air flow based on the current applied input of the valve. It was available with 9 watt coil, which is combining with 12 or 24 VDC voltage, with 1/16" or 3/32" orifices. And here are the features and product information.

• Solenoid Proportional Valves, Informational Act and Features

This model has created with such of great design. It was considered to supports whole users solutions, and so this was came with such of this greats features; 1/16" or 3/32"orifice diameters sizes, 9 Watt- Class 'F' 155°C with 1/4" Spadescoil type, stainless steel body elements, Buna Nseal material. Normal 40°F to 70°F (contact factory for settings outside this range)temperature range with 15%maximum hysteresis.

• Proportional Valves Best Model, Best To Application For

This components, has great to apply in; analytical instruments, precise pressure control, dental instruments, blood pressure monitors, medical equipment, plasma cutter, and other applications depend on users intention. By that wide range of applicational intention, this components has can be completed any of user intention and purposes.

As well as the idea of other parts which produce by the Proportional Valves industries for any industrial intention, this model also developed by the manufacture in case to complete the ideas of whole purposes. Than due to the fact, choose this device would give better performance for the user.


Proportional Valves Solenoid solution becomes one of greatest named in industrial automation solution supported. There are many model of device which is create by this company, one of great device which is need and looking by many industries was the proportional valves. To completed that ideas there are so many developed which is create and bring by solenoid solutions. All for single visions to bring lots benefits for the users.


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