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WITTENSTEIN Brushless Servo Motor; Product Overview and User Beneficial Act

The brushless servo motors industries climet has become so much challenging than later. It because there were so many aspect which has to growth as the impact of market demands. Than it become something that have to answer by the people or industries itself to create better and greater solution in many fields included the whole picture of mechanism, all for single visions to bring better idea for the market.

Brushless servo motors like a challenge, which involved the industries or manufacture, which create and developed any parts or components to support the developers of industrialism. One of greater named was the WITTENSTEIN Group, which is offered many parts, e.g device to complete what industries want and needed. And here in this article we would go further more with one of WITTENSTEIN product called cyber® dynamic line brushless servo motors.

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Brushles Servo Motor from WITTENSTEIN, Smart Choice for Limited Space Application

As the parts of WITTENSTEIN big named, there were so many ideas which goes with this brushless servo motors device. Than what it was? We would go further more, on the next information.

• Brushless Servo Motor, Actuators and The Best Performance Come By The Design

The brushless servo motors WITTENSTEIN take the quality as an obligation, it was shown by the features that bring by the cyber® dynamic line brushless servo motors. And here are they; 17, 22, 32 and 40 mm or four sizes outer diameters, stainless steel with fully welded housing, absolute encoder made from high quality elements, up to 94% efficiency, high dynamic and torque aspect, all has wrap on the motor that embed in the products.

To complete those great brushless servo motors features on motor aspect, brushless servo motors WITTENSTEIN has also made a best actuator performance in class. And here are the actuator features; planetary gearhead in best quality, four sizes outer diameter, 1-3 stage diameters, 4 to 100 area of implementation, and cyber® dynamic line fusion-welded. All greate features has wrap with 100%-stainless steel design with cable gland, and IP66/67 protection rating.

• The Brushless Servo Motors Unit Types and Performance

Declare as the smart brushless servo motors choice for the limited space, WITTENSTEIN brushles servo motor has create on different types, each for special purposes, and here are the information for each of unit types; 17 mm outer diameter, 47 mm motor lenght, 48VDCnominal voltage, 0,035Nm torque function, and 9,42 • 105s-2 performance aspect, with 0,040 kg weigh, this all aspect has embed in cyber® d17, the smallest unit. Besides that, there are still three more models which called; cyber® d22, cyber® d32, and cyber® d40.

WITTENSTEIN brushless servo motors, has design to bring best benefits for the users, such as; space savings installation dimension, suitable for any industrial environment, precise positioning even in minimal installation space, and shortest cycle times aspect. All have come in models which can choose by users depend on the condition.


As the world class manufacture in any industrial solutional support, WITTENSTEIN brushless servo motors has developed the brushles servo motor product which can support any users intention. Each has complete with best performance that came from any features. The benefits was real, just like the company slogans, “the smart choice for limited space applications”.


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