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Datalogic Contrast Print Mark Sensors; Product Types, Information and Features

The Contrast Print Mark Sensors printing technologies has developed further more. By the day, there are many manufacture and other industrial fields which involved with this business. And that create so many challenging things that need to change, in case of increasing the capabilities of that industries itself, and also other thing which belonging in single word that called,”productivites”. And depend on that issue and fact, people in the printing industries also try to found better way to goes with the business and the working mechanism. One of the real idea, which realized with that was change many of the industries mechanism to be as the automation solution aspect.

And moreover, there are many parts and component of The Contrast Print Mark Sensors has to change. All of the changing has to do for gaining an adjustable level which need to increase any machine that involved in a whole of that industrial systems. Here in this article we would go further more with the small parts of the big systems inside the industrial printing called contrast print mark sensor.

Contrast Print Mark Sensors printing
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Gain Best Results By Applying The Contrast Print Mark Sensor

Inside the industries especially the printing industries, there are device called the photoelectric sensor. It was the parts of whole systems which need to determine contrast by sensing reflected colored light (with RGB/Red, Green, Blue determine colors indicator). And here are the datalogic contrast print mark sensors which offered through automation direction website.

• RGB Light-S8 Series Contrast Print Mark Sensors

The S8 Series of Datalogic® contrast print mark sensors can discriminates best contrast differences with RGB emission and the high speed detection, it can operating up to 25 kHz. To go with that special function, this model has several features such as; 14x42x25 mm compact size, 6 - 12mm sensing distance with horizontal spot orientation, 12 to 30VDC operating voltage, 316L stainless steel or plastic housing, all has wrap with IP67/IP69K rating.

• RGB Light- TL Series Contrast Print Mark Sensors

This Contrast Print Mark Sensors model has goes further more with 3 various types; TL46-WL with 3 push buttons and LED bar graph,TL46-W with 2 LED indicators and 2 teach buttons, also the TL46-WJ with 50kHz switching frequency low jitter unit (7 ┬Ás). Each of the types has completed with several great features such as; 6 - 12mm sensing distance, horizontal or vertical spot orientation, 10 to 30VDC operating voltage, 15, 20 or 50kHz switching frequency, Selectable Light On / Dark On output state. All has wrap with the aluminum housing, IP67 rating, and 5-pin M12 quick-disconnect with adjustable exit angle.

Each of the contrast print mark sensors made by Datalogic® has create as high sensitivity device that can determine to be great ideas in users installation. Choosing this device could be greate ideas for any printing and marking industrial purposes.


As the effect of the industrial development there are so many aspect that involved with the industries has also developed too. Especially in how to create a better idea in functionalities of users working process. And due to the fact, manufacture has tryng to reach a better sensing colors by using the contrast print mark sensors.


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