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Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives; Features and Other Informational Act

The Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives industrial fields has developed over the decades. There are several branch of industrial kinds has growth with any of the product which create, developed and produce as the impact of the consument willingness. It was the lifestyle of the modern people which totally recognized become the first reasons for the industries to produce and growth more product.

And due to the fact, the Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives system of the industries, machinerys and other systemic that need to create product has also developed too. Than as that impact there are so many devices, parts, and other component has need by the industries to support their activities, especially in the name of productivity.

As well as the main Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives industrial aspect which developed and belonging with that condition. The side industries, which create any device and other supported component has also developed too. One of the biggest named which create multi automation solution device and component systems was the Allen Bradley. One of the greate product which Allen-Bradley create is ultra 3000 multi-axis servo drives.

Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives
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Allen Bradley Ultra 3000 Multi-Axis Servo Drives, Best Choice With Great Features

Great Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives device always come with and complete with great features. And as the impact of it Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 multi-axis servo drives has also create with that ideas. There are many great features which come with this Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives device, and here they are as below:

• 0.25…22 kW (110V…460V), Continuous Output Power
• Three-Phase And Single Input, 100…480V AC Options
• DeviceNet™ Connectivity Options and or the SERCOS interface
• Peak Current Capability Around 7.5…150
• D-Shell Connectors High Density Uses Standard
• Flash Memory Field-Programmable with Firmware Software
• General Purpose Inputs with Eight Selectable Units
• Outputs And Relay Output with Four Selectable General Purposes
• RS-232 or RS-485 Communications, One Serial Ports
• To Maintain Position During Power Loss It Was Come In and Or Become An Option

This device which is called Bulletin 2098 Ultra™ 3000 Digital Servo Drives. Than due to that function, it was come and designing with all power sizes and models whichs available with SERCOS, indexing, interface and also the networking optionswhich called with the DeviceNet™ models. To bring best capabilities of this device .Integrate this drive with the SoftLogix™ or ControlLogix™ platform via SERCOS interface can bring the best integrated motion to support a whole system that need by the industries itself.


Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 Multi-Axis Servo Drives was kind of the device which can support all the industrial purposes in whole of the automation solution aspect as well as the multi-axis integrated motion. This device has design as modular device which can integrated with any drives such as SoftLogix™ or ControlLogix™ platform via SERCOS interface. By that functional aspect the device, the users will come as the beneficial act that can bring easiers, simple and fasters working process as soon as the unit has been installed.


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