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Temperature Sensor Products Specification provides appropriate temperature management and control for various applications

A temperature sensor is a device, typically, thermal or RTD, which provides a temperature gauge by means of electrical signals. Thermocouple (T / C) is provided by two different metals that generate electricity voltage in the ratio of direct temperature changes. The RTD (Temperature Resistant Resistance) is a variable resistor that changes the electrical resistance in a proportional proportion to temperature changes in an appropriate manner, repeatedly and almost linearly.

Often, however, the temperature sensor detection is part of the reliability of prevention. For example, while the tool may not actually carry a high temperature, the system itself may be at risk of high temperature.

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Temperature Sensor Products of Allen Bradley

Allen Bradley provides temperature sensors and a quick-installation control process provides appropriate temperature management and control for various applications. There are some products you can choose, the list is stated bellow:

1. Temperature sensor 837E Solid State

This temperature sensor device can be used to measure liquids, gases and vapors from -50 to 150 ° C (-58 ... 302 ° F). Three different length insertion probes are available for viewing and non-viewing models. Some features of this device are stated bellow:

a. Rugged, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel housing
b. Processor-based with no moving parts
c. IP67 rated Enclosure to withstand harsh industrial conditions

2. Temperature sensor 837 Electromechanical

This temperature sensor device includes the temperature control of electromechanical sensor family products, grade industrial temperature control and hard conditions. This device uses steam pressure technology that can be used to detect changes in temperature. It is typical repeatability accuracy ± 2 ° F. Some of the device features are:

a. The differential is adjustable from 2 ... 87 ° F
b. The set is adjustable from -60 ... 570 ° F
c. Different communication arrangements
d. The hairline length is standard 6 feet with custom length available

3. Temperature sensor 900-TC Temperature Controller

This temperature sensor device provides appropriate temperature management and control for various applications. It also offers fast installation. Additional devices such as analog input and output take manual control of 900 TC8, 900 TC16 of the standard temperature control modules to control operation. The features of this device are stated bellow:

a. 1/8 DIN, 1/16 DIN and 1/32 DIN size
b. Single loop, high value, ON / OFF, or analog output control
c. Various input sensor

4. Resistance Temperature 837RTD Sensor Detectors

These Resistance Temperature device assemblies are available with or without a temperature sensor. The sensor has a wide range of temperature -50 ... + 200 ° C (-58 ... + 392 ° F), probe lengths and contact process. Some of the device features are:

a. Provide remote high temperature measurement
b. Offers a wide temperature range of -50 ... + 200 ° C (-58 ... + 392 ° F)
c. The PT1000 component contains and feels the best temperature measurement and accuracy


Temperature sensor plays an important role in many applications. For example, this device can maintain a certain temperature which is important for equipment used in making medical drugs, hot liquids or other clean equipment. For applications like this, responsiveness and accuracy of circuit detection can be important for quality control. That makes this temperature sensor products provides appropriate temperature management and control for various applications.


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