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The Best From Emerson AC Drives and Motors ; Product Types, Reviews And Features, A Guide To User Beneficial Act

AC Drives and Motors is the impact of industrial developers. There are so many device which already developed by many console and manufacture to create best vision of productivity and better operational with easy and smart way. Than thanks to the born of automation solution era which touch many of industrial specification, it was so can give best impact to the industries dramatically. But talking about the automation solution means we talking about a big picture of industries itself.

So where we need to start about those ideas? Lets go for the first around the mechanical process and how it can used to integrated any industrial applications. Than that's why this article come up with, as the results of our research activities around the industrial automation solution especially in range of AC Drives and motors controlling, we could see the best product from Emerson automation solution which can be choose by you at any condition.

Emerson AC Drives and Motors
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Emerson AC Drives and Motors, Specific Types for Special Using Purposes

Before we go further more about the Emerson product such as AC Drives and Motors. Lets go little bit inside with was it the AC Drives and Motors function. There are several literature we could find online which talk about this drives function. The main ideas are; to change the speed of AC motor by changing voltage and frequency. And as we know, the electricity controlling is an important aspect in industrial business process.

That's why Emerson AC Drives and Motors, has been created with special types for each of the using purposes. Here are the sampling of best types which offered, also completed with the gaining ideas of future industrial technologies. The sampling come from the Unidrive M family which developed by Emerson, and here are they;

• AC Drives and Motors For The High Performance Using Types

Emerson has overed two types of Unidrive M family with standard of high performance using types. It called the Unidrive M700 - AC Drives with range of operation around, 0,75 kW – 2.8 MW. This was the best drive for servo using types, permanent magnet and AC motors with integrated Ethernet, advanced PLC Control and flexible motion.

Besides that unit types, Emerson also tailored and offered other, it called with Unidrive M600 – AC Drive with the range operation same with the first. It was the best ideas for standard AC Induction, as well as operating with high permanent magnet motors.

• AC Drives and Motors Flexibility Using Types

The flexibility is an important aspect for any device which developed for the industrial using purposes. Than Emerson do it well, with offered publicly two kinds of units types which called as Unidrive M400 – AC Drive with the range of operation around, 0.25 kW – 110 kW, it was a fast set up device, with plain text display, integrated PLC and safety inputs. Besides that also come the unit called the M300 – AC Drive as a flexible safety integration capabilities open loop AC drives.

As a world class automation solution developer which had several years experience to serve the industrial kindness. Emerson has design other types of this device family models. Each types can be recognizingly with the best ideas of specific using purposes.


Emerson AC Drives and Motors has design with specific types. At least there are more than 3 kinds of using specification such as; to gaining the high performance, flexibility, value, and other special purposes. The user didn’t meant to be worried each has been developed to gaining best using application in any field that want by the users.


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