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Good Aspect Behind The Linak Electric Linear Actuator ; Product Benefits and Features Which Can Improve Your Life

Electric Linear Actuator is one of advance products of control industries. Each of industrial fields needs to support by right device or any relevant equipment which can give a great performance in any what it needs and why the purpose of the industries itself. Thats why on the days, there are so many manufacture which focusing only on the developing the aspect of supporting industrial needed. On of the greatest named is Linak, which had great tagline “we improve your life”.

There are so many business lines which included by Linak coverage product for example Electric Linear Actuator. Each of the product has developed by the main purposes, to help the people in common or industrial uses by improving many way in it. So it was means that there was so many product has been developed by Linak. One of the great device are the Electric Linear Actuator. What the best ideas of this device? Lets go further more and found on what we would talking forward.

Linak Electric Linear Actuator
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Linak Electric Linear Actuator, A Solution In Any Lifting Purposes

Electric Linear Actuator is part of the main Linak business lines. Linak has separated the Electric Linear Actuator they developed by what is the main purposes those device has been made, at least there 4 lines of the purposes which called as; MEDLINE™ & CARELINE®, it was developed as the main purposes in hospital and any medical facilities functional, DESKLINE, as it was called with that named, it needs to adjust any furniture height, this function to support the right position of the furniture so the users can be worked comfortably than before.

Along with those both of the device, the Electric Linear Actuator also had functional to support the HOMELINE, this was created to help peoples do more comfortable adjustable with the beds electrical adjustment. And the last, Linak also developed for the TECHLINE functionalities. This lines has the main purposes to used in any heavy duty industrial fields which can be a support the ideas for rough operational in harsh and versatile condition such as; marine application, ventilation and farming use purposes, also the solar tracking systems, and of course, the construction and machinery.

It was the purposes. But how about the element of the linear actuator itself? As what the information said about this gear, the Linak has developed this gear consist of; a gear, a spindle also including a nut, which comes as a single built in unit. This device has designed to had lifting capacity around, from 200 - 15,000N or around, 40 lbs - 3300 lbs.


The Linax electric linear actuator was kind of the device which had the main purposes as convert low voltage DC rational motion into liner motion. The main operational ideas of the device is how to create the best function of pull and push movement. Best of The great aspect of Linax is the manufacture had special design for special used purposes. It called the TECHLINE, HOMELINE, DESKLINE, and also the MEDLINE & CARELINE. Each business lines, means special device design for special user application purposes.


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