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Wide Range of Communication Options Modules for Emerson’s Unidrive M Industrial Drive

Emerson’s Unidrive M Communications option modules is an industrial drive family tailored for various consumer needs in the industrial applications. Among of available six variable speed drives, each of the drive designed for specific applications. To improve its performance, Unidrive M comes with Unidrive M options. Particularly in the case of communication system, each of drive can be integrated into independent communication interfaces to ensure its performance and interoperability. The communication option modules provided support for almost common fieldbus and Ethernet networks in industry.

One main Communications option modules benefit from the independent communication interface will ensures users of trouble-free and hassle-free operation. If one of the Unidrive M drives has already become part of your machinery, then picking Control Technique that suitable to your drive will increase the ability of accessing the drive parameters easily.

Wide Range Communications option modules
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All of the CTs communication option modules offered by Emmerson have direct and high-speed access to all drive parameters. Moreover, the CTs also support for higher configuration system like SERCOS and EtherCAT. The drive control loops can be easily synchronized within the communication system to eliminate delays.

Here are six communication option modules for Unidrive M drives:

Communications option modules SI-Ethernet

Drive compatibility including M100, M200, M300, M400, M600 and M700. SI-Ethernet support various communication system including HTTP, real-time Ethernet, SMTP, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. The module provides global connectivity, integration with IT network and high-speed drive access.

Communications option modules SI-PROFINET

Using this communication module, users are able to allow the Unidrive M to communicate with PROFINET PLCs and networks. It comes with main features including connection inside. For easier unit replacement, it already comes with automatic device replacement using DCP and LLDP protocols.

The module is compatible for all Unidrive M drives series.

Communications option modules SI-EtherCAT

As the name, the module allows Unidrive M to interface and connect with EtherCAT networks. It features up to 64,535 nodes on a segment with data rate of 100 Mbps and motion control profile supported with LED indication of network port activity.

Communications option modules SI-CANopen

CANopen interface module designed to support various drive profiles. Its versatility also gives users to process data objects numbering system for the improved system while maintaining CiA conformance. CANopen supports data rates from 1 M, 800 k, 500 k, 250 k, 125 k, 100 k and 50 k. There are many other features provided including independent and configurable transmit and receive PDO numbers.

Communications option modules SI-PROFIBUS and SI-DeviceNet

With the SI-PROFIBUS users can make the follower connectivity using multiple SI-PROFIBUS modules or a combination of other options module types like extended I/O, PLC or gateway functionality.

The similar module function is offered with SI-DeviceNet using multiple SI-DeviceNet modules or combination with other additional functionality like PLC, I/O and gateway.


There is wide range of communication option modules to choose in effort to make the Unidrive M stay monitored properly. Users can choose the proper modules to interface and connect the drives based on their interface requirements. This communication option modules can be easily synchronized within the communication system to eliminate delays.


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