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EMERSON’s Unimotor fm Continuous Duty Servo Motor for high stability for wide array of application with various mounting options and motor lengths

Unimotor fm - Continuous duty servo motor answering various needs of high performance AC servomotors, Emerson comes with ranges of powerful and high precision motor that maintain capabilities of lower acceleration and deceleration rates. Unimotor ranges are the brushless AC servomotor suited for use with Control Techniques drives and optimized for high stability for wide array of application including labeling, winding and printing. ‘fm’ stands for flexible motor, thereby consumer can choose among seven frame sizes with various mounting options and motor lengths.

EMERSON Unimotor fm Continuous duty servo motor
Image by http://www.emersonindustrial.com

Unimotor fm is highly supported to use with Emerson’s Digitax ST servo drives.

Full Specification of Unimotor fm - Continuous duty servo motor

In addition to its excellent conformance and standards, Unimotor fm offers world class performance ideal for a wide range of industrial applications with the following extensive specifications:

  1. IP65 protection degree and environmental protection (water spray and dust proof)
  2. Impressive torque range from 0.72 Nm to 136 Nm
  3. High energy parking brakes
  4. Available with various connector types including hybrid box (frame size 250), 90-degree low profile, 90-degree rotatable and vertical.
  5. Keyed or plain shaft diameters
  6. Flange possibilities whether IEC or NEMA
  7. High dynamic performance and low inertia
  8. High inertia option is available

Unimotor fm - Continuous duty servo motor also has optional high peak torque with 400 V and 220 V winding voltages and available to set into various rate speeds start from 1500 rpm.

Unimotor fm - Continuous duty servo motor Options Optimized

As benefit of its flexibility, Unimotor fm - Continuous duty servo motor ranges ensure the best fit for your application through many options. Behind of the Unimotor fm design and functionality are optimized for a balanced cost and performance. Cable options thereby can be opted to ensure reliable, successful and fail safe operation.

Cables are a significant part of servo system installation. The classic problem experienced by motion systems engineers is the failure due to incorrect connections of the motor to the drive. To eliminate the wrong connections of the Unimotor fm to the drive then engineers can obtain the Control Technique Dynamics comes as the option. The system is the readymade cables designed for easier assembly. In result, engineers can reduce time and effort on installation – no crimp tools required.

The cables are available to order separately from the Unimotor from length 1 meters to 50/100 meters.

Here are the main features of Unimotor fm - Continuous duty servo motor cables:

  1. High-duty construction with PUR jacket stands in internal and external industrial environments
  2. Oil resistance and static performance benefit from OFS outer sheath
  3. DESINA coding complied color – green for signal and orange for power
  4. UL recognized plugs and power cable
  5. Optimum noise immunity
  6. No need of removal/insertion crimp tools
  7. High quality for much reduced price


Unimotor fm ranges of servo motor offers various scalable options for a wide array of industrial servo motor applications. In addition to the various torques and rated speeds, the motor is highly adaptable for modern typology installation as it comes with mounting and motor length options. Yet, the cabling support option gives servo motor engineers change to make no any fault when installing the servo motor systems.


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