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System Integration Module allow the drive to easily integrate with existing systems

The System Integration Module (SIM) is on many Motorola 16 and 32 bit modular microcontroller units (MCUs). MCU based SIM-SIM contains, CPU, some combination of communication units, time and memory.

System Integration Module supplies the clock signals to the rest of the microcontroller. It will provide system protection features, and set the external bus. In addition, the SIM chip provides chip and select signal (if pin is not used to replace function) I / O port

Integrate, automate and communicate with Emerson Unidrive
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Integrate, Automate and Communicate with Unidrive M Options System Integration Module (SIM)

The Unidrive M System Integration Module (SIM) will support a wide range of module and interface modules. Those will allow the drive to easily integrate with existing systems. Responsive options include communications, applications (on-board public limited companies), I / O and enhanced safety features. There are some Undrive options you can choose, some of them are stated bellow:

1. Feedback Option Modules System Integration Module (SIM)

Feedback options module interface standard is completed in the M range control techniques Unidrive speed that improves and automates their monitoring. This unit option will allow connections to multiple sources in the same measurement. It is using different types of instrumentation and speed position.

2. Safety System Integration Module

Safety System Integration Module Unidrive M security has the capabilities for end user protection. This unit will also enhance the productivity of the machine. It includes safety features that reduce the frequency of engine power reduction. This will ensure the machine reaches the strict safety standards. SI safety can reduce the size and cost of the machine that is by eliminating the need for external safety PLC and other components.

3. Machine Control Modules System Integration Module (SIM)

The MCi210 MCi200 module uses Unidrive M expands the engine control capabilities when combined with the advanced motion controller which is embodied in the Unidrive M700. This enables a simple connection of additional engine components and application software. That is why the MCi210 and MCi200 find a complete application solution.

4. System Integration Module (SIM) Communications option modules

Mechanical connectivity options are available as a control unit for field vector networks and Ethernet is virtually no common in the industry.
  • Trouble-free operation with other manufacturers equipment
  • Where possible, these option modules are independently certified to ensure compliance with relevant standards. So the users can ensure the operation without any problems

  • High-speed deterministic control
  • Connection options of mechanical control unit have direct and high-speed access to all parameters of the drive.

System integration module consists of the following pieces of art:
  1. The clock system generates clock signals used by SIM, and other International Maritime Bureau unit, and external device.

  2. Configure system parameters and configure block protection control and provide security control of bus and software. In addition, it provides a periodic interrupt generator to support critical time execution routine control.

  3. External bus interface handles the transfer of information between the IMB modules and the external address space.


There are various units in the microcontroller module modules (MCU) communicate with each other and with external components through the intermodule bus (IMB) allow the drive to easily integrate with existing systems. This is a standard bus that is developed to facilitate modular microcontroller design. IMB supports 24 addresses and 16 data lines.


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