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Gain Maximum Results In Industrial Sensing Solutions; Automation Direction Fiber Optic Sensors, Products Types and Informational Act

By the time, as the impact of the industrial development, there were so many device has been developed by many manufacture or console developers. Some of them has been try to reach the suitable ideas, to increase productivities also to belonging with the capabilities with the man which work and involved with it.

And by the time, those development has reach the high level. It was sign by how much many device and or equipment, that offered to the public. It called the automation solution, which belonging to help people also decreasing the level of any working risk, around the manufacture plant.

One of the device which needed by the automation solution aspect is the fiber optic sensor. And due to the fact, there were so much people which try to get the visibility around those ideas. And here in this article we would go further more with the product which offered through the automation direction web site, the site which become a great vendor where people could found the industrial controls.

Fiber Optic Sensors
Image by https://www.automationdirect.com

Fiber Optic Sensors From Automation Direction, The Types, Features And Other Information

On the front we already meet with the important fact of the small parts in a whole automation solution systems. As the information getting from the automation direction sites, there are three device which developed as the fiber optic sensor itself and so the accesories and other supporting equipment. And here are each of them;

• OPT Series to recognition transparent object

This Fiber Optic Photoelectric Sensors device has produce as multi and or to recognition transparent object. As that determining function, this device completed with several features as the bargraph signal strengh indicators. This model has IP50/IP65 rated protection grade.

• SSF Series comes with many models you can used

Tottally design for DC fiber optic photoelectric sensors, this device comes with many models you can used. This also completed 2-meter quick-disconnect cable for geeting good connection enough.

• DFP/DFT Series Automation Direction Fiber Optic Sensors

The manufacture designing this device as good sensor device enough. And due to that ideas, it was completed with several features to reach the users purposes it was came as potentiometer with illuminated scale for sensitivity setting)and 4 DFT models available (with Teach function). IEC IP64 has become the protection rating range.

Each of the appropriate fiber optic photoelectric sensors, that offered by automation direction, has create and developed by the fiber optic advance. Choosing this has been a great idea to increasing the level to pursue the idea of better automation solution system.


By the time as the impact of the industrialism development, the appropriate fiber optic photoelectric sensors industries itself had to reach the greater level of the better working ideas. All to reach what that belonging with the productivities. That the fiber optic photoelectric sensors offered by automation direction, has prepared to reach that condition.


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