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SENSIRION Mass Flow Meter SFM3000; Features, Users Benefits and Applicational Fields

Not only for Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 industries, that we called as manufacturing fields which need to operate the parts of automation solution device and or the installation of small parts also the components. The ideas for applying any parts, device and or component is to belonging and let people do more with better and easier ways.

Even in medical fields, and other medical facilities. Some of the Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 automation solution parts also involved to belonging with a whole of working process and systems. One of the small parts which is had a big and important function called the mass flow meters. Here in this article we would go furthermore with one of the company which reknown and recognized by the world as The Sensors Company, it was the Sensirion with the mass flow meter SFM3000.

Knowing more about all of Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 good aspect in this small component would give the engineers a better visions to designed a futuristic ideas of any medical and suitable field in therm of product applications. So check it furthermore.

Mass Flow Meter SFM3000

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Mass Flow Meter SFM3000, Suitable Digital Flow Meter For High Volume Applications

The Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 has created as kind of very low pressure drop through the sensor element, it was the special design which is can give users a rigth choice to apply it for respiration applications, as well as to used it as one of parts in a whole of medical ventilation. SFM 3000 has build with the standard of Sensirion’s patended, called CMOSens® Technology. And here are the list also features which issued for bring the best performance.

• Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 Features

 Accuracy 1.5% m.v.
 Very low pressure drop < 6mbar @ 200sml
 +/-200slm (bidirectional), flow range
 Temperature compensated and digitally calibrated
 I²C Digital Output
 Response time; Ultra Fast

• Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 Suitable For Applications

 As Laboratory Analytical Instruments
 Burner control device
 Controlling The Fuel Cell
 Spectroscopy
 Monitoring Environment Condition
 Process Automation
 Inhalers, anaesthesia, ventilation also other medical instrument

According to the Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 features and suitable applications list we could see how this small device can give a significant empowering in any fields where it installed and used. As a device, it was operating around; 200slm with excellent accuracy, 14-bit digital signals output, at 2kHz update rate. This was operate from 5 Vdc supply voltages, also completed with a digital 2-wire interface features. All of that build in features that comes as single design, would bring such as benefits; as an ideal choice for demanding also cost-sensitive OEM applications


This Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 device was kind if great and right choice for measuring the flow of non-aggressive gases and air. By that function. Thats why this device has completed with several great features. Each has been design to give the users beneficial act, which can be feel and experience at the first day of installation. Also as the parts of the Mass Flow Meter SFM3000 automation solutions parts, this can be a great ideas to operate a single function of microcontroller device.


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