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Emerson 56WM Wireless Power Meter; Product Features And Specification, For The Users Guides

The Wireless Power Meter industries need to support by several kinds for better chain mechanism. Each of the product, must shown the real capabilities inside the industries itself. Thats why, every engineers which belonging with the industries always go in pursue of better brand new technologies.

Every Wireless Power Meter industrial needed and intention which goes involved with the industries itself need to proceed their product for bring a best performance. So when it was involved with a whole of industrial systems, it would help to grant a better solution and ideas to reach the common way of industries, which we called with productivity. And here in this article we would go further more with one of the device which is commonly used by the people in industries called the wireless power meter. As the sampling product, we would review the 56WM, from Emerson.

Wireless Power Meter
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56WM Wireless Power Meter, The Capabilities of The Product And Other Good Point That Need To Know

56WM Emerson Wireless Power Meter, has developed and designed for several aspect which commonly need by industries itself such as; current power, energy, monitor voltage, also as the control power meter for other electrical parameters.This device has operated with three and or single phase electrical systems with revenue-grade accuracy. To know about the complete specification of these product see the table 1.0.

Table 1.0 Specification and Functional Aspect

Those Wireless Power Meter specification, which had by 56WM, has designed to provides a better automation solution data results such as; increase efficiency, avoid downtime also continuous monitoring of energy data at sub meter levels to ensure power quality. And not only that, there are several great beneficial features in therm of this device installation; ease of setup and options available, easy to deployopen standard mode, secure network communications, tit to multiple variable of user needed, also the proven the reliability.


Emerson 56WM Wireless Power Meter, is such of power meter which can be operated with no wiring needed. This was kind of great device which can support several aspect in users needed. There are great specification in design aspect such as; ABS Plastic, 94-VO Flammability Rating device body enclosure, and other great aspect which can help users to operate it easily and at the same time this device can be nice to increasing the industrial productivities.


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