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Sensirion Mass Flow Meter SFM4100, Versatile Flow Meters; The Features and Application List Review

Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 is the impact of the modern days lifestyle. The technologies also goes in flow with a single handledly of more better operating process in almost every field where it was applicated. There are many of technologies also involved with the medical application. From a things where doctor really need as the supports equipment to help patient, until, the small electronics which is belonging with a whole of medical systems.

One of best and knowing identically as a parts of the automation solution, which is had special function to use also operated in medical fields was the Mass Flow Meter SFM4100, versatille flow meters. It was a small parts which is belonging with the whole of the medical systems. And one of the familiar device which is used for anaesthetic equipment was the Mass Flow Meter SFM4100, which produced by Sensirion. And here in this article we would go further more to take a look closser about this device.

Mass Flow Meter SFM4100
Image by https://www.sensirion.com

Mass Flow Meter SFM4100, Main Function, Features and Applicational Fields

This Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 device has produce with the main function to precisely measures air and other non-aggressive gases. By that function, Sensirion has designed this device with several device capabilities which can provides users a great results such as; up to 20 slm measuring range, digital I2C interface sensor units, it is single handledly to operates reliably at up 7 bar. And here are the applicational fields where this small sensors reliable to operated also the features which can be a great reasons to choose it among others similar device.

• Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 Reliable Applicational Fields

 Analytical equipment
 Process Automation
 Inhalers, anaesthesia and other medical instruments

• Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 The Features

 1:500 wide dynamic range
 Multigas Option
 Digital I²C interface
 Temperature compensated and digitally calibrated
 No drift
 Flow rates measurement from 0 to 20 l/min

This Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 product also developed with several gas types which can accommodate the users need and applicational intention. For further information, see the Table 1.0 bellow.

Table 1.0 Gas Types and Selectable Device

The Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 can be the first choice product if the users need a high rate of deployment that require long service intervals. As what the reliable applicational fields shown about this device, it would be great choice for users OEM projects. It because each build in sensors device can be stored simultaneously. The self test features, also can allow testing of the entire signals.


As a device which designed especially for anaesthetic equipment, Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 made by Sensirion has completed with several great aspect which can bring lot of benefits for the users. Another great aspect are, there are special types which designed single handledly as a special using intention, so users can choose what types they really want to apply depend on the applicational fields.


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