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49T High Temperature Bimetal Control; Review on Features and Specification

High Temperature Bimetal Control is one of the impact of industrial development. There are many parts, from the biggest til the smallest equipment has change and need to upgrades. The upgrading has been important because the systems has also developed several grades than before. Than due to that fact, it was so much challenging to looking for better models and or types which can be adjust depend on the working condition, for especially to control any modern industrial machinery's.

And it was totally common thins where the major range of industries which knowingly goes further more are used the automation solution systems. It was a big systems which builds from several parts, included the smallest screw, sensing technologies, High Temperature Bimetal Control and the PLC’s. All are single visions which working integratedly, so thats whay we need to goes closers inside to looking for best ideas in a whole of automation solution systems.

And here in this article we would go further more with review of High Temperature Bimetal Control. It was a parts of big industrial systems which is need to control the temperature in whole range of the systems.

High Temperature Bimetal Control
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Therm–O–Disc® High Temperature Bimetal Control 49T, Reliability In A High Temperature Package

The main design of High Temperature Bimetal Control 49T are the ceramic offers, proven3/4” or 19mm bimetal which is realiable to operate in high temperature package. This bimetal disc protection from exposed or contaminants for greater thermal sensitivity. Within the cosntruction of this temperature control meter, there along, #8 terminal screws terminal connection, to ensure electrical integrity. See the table belows to make sure the great abilities would come closer on users application.

Table 1.0 Technical Specification Information

By looking the information for the 49THigh Temperature Bimetal Control, the users need to know also about the features which wrap with those several specification. And here are the features list;
  • #8 screw terminals
  • Open or close contacts on temperature rise
  • Single throw and single pole
  • Exposed and or enclosed disc available
  • Airstream and surface mounting available

Each of the technical High Temperature Bimetal Control specification aspect has give ability to handle electrical loads up to 25 Amps at high temperatures has made theTherm–O–Disc® 49T become aright choice for any industries and other users intention that goes involved with several aspect in heating management systems. Otherwise, it would bring so much benefits for the users in a entire time as long as it still lay on the systems.


49TTherm–O–Disc®High Temperature Bimetal Control are kind of parts of temperature control management. Which can be used or belonging with any of industries to manage the heating from any of machine or other process that involved by. A great features and high specification aspect could be the nice and great reason to choose this.


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