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Sensirion Mass Flow Controller SFC5300; Right Choice for Cost-Sensitive OEM Projects, Benefits, Features and Applicational Aspect Users Need To Know

Every project such as Mass Flow Controller SFC5300 which to build any constructional systems in any industrial fields, has a cost which is need to be the first working standard. There are many project which is miss calculation and had to forcibly stopped. Thats why the project manager had to calculated the right numbers of some project especially when it need to back up and supported with buying mass amount of device and or equipment.

And here in this article, we would go further more with information about Mass Flow Controller SFC5300, offered by Sensirion. The main information which need to focusing about this product are, flow controller for cost-sensitive oem projects with high unit quantities. It called that because, the Mass Flow Controller SFC5300, are kind of right choice for any project types which need to handled with the cost-sensitve OEM projects standard.

Mass Flow Controller SFC5300
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The Mass Flow Controller SFC5300, Several Great Features For Great Abilites

Just like other Mass Flow Controller SFC5300 Sensirion sensors, this key of outstanding performance is based on the innovative CMOSens® Technology. This technologies integrates with the high-precision sensor technology which can processing electronics, it was wrapping on a single CMOS silicon chip. Build with high-quality materials, using this device would bring great benefits such as; fast and extremely as well as the high precise in measurement aspect, durability, and stability. Here are the features which come as build in aspect, which wrapping on the Mass Flow Controller SFC5300.

• Mass Flow Controller SFC5300 The Features You Need To Know

 No aging effects
 The balancing between price-performance-ratio thanks to CMOSens® Technology
 Multigas feature
 Compact size
 < 1sccm : high accuracy at lowest flow rates
 1000:1 turndown ratio, a wide dynamic range features aspect
 Excellent long-term stability and reliability

Thoser great features has create this device as a multi applicational fields. Here are the information where users can apply.

• Mass Flow Controller SFC5300 Applicational Fields

 Supporting the semiconductor industry such as; plasma etching processes, thin film deposition
 As medical devices; anesthesia, or ventilation
 Applied in industrial process automation, such as; thermal processing, coating
 As an analytical instrument; mass spectrometry, gas chromatography and or thermal analysis.

This Mass Flow Controller SFC5300 device has also can be choose as valve-free version too. It was kind of product which had two sensors. It can be used in based and similliar application. Just like the bassic or standard version. And moreover users can see, how realiable to use Mass Flow Controller SFC5300 for any applicational fields. Thanks to CMOSens® Technology, which made this product as high and reliable product to apply in any applicational fields.


The mass flow controller SFC5300 was one of Cost-Sensitive OEM Projects Flow Controller which latterally used by many of users in high unit quanitities. Even it was kind to used in mass quantities the qualities has never be compromised. There are several things which can shown the qualities for this device had great and can used in any applicational fields.


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